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Inspired by Sharon Tates' death by the Manson Family in 1969, New Line's The Wolves at the Door is a horror about a home invasion set in the 1960s.

With plans to be directed by John Leonetti, this micro-budgeted thriller will star Kate Cassidy, the current star of CW's Arrow.

John Leonetti
John Leonetti

Although the story takes many cues from the Manson Family murders, it is said that the project is not a direct account retelling the events of that fateful night, and there will be no direct mention of the Manson murders.

Manson Family
Manson Family

Peter Safran is attached as a producer, with production set to start mid-May in Los Angeles.

Cassidy currently stars as the Black Canary/Laurel Lance on Arrow, which is finishing its third season. But Cassidy is no stranger to the horror film genre, as she has appeared in When a Stranger Calls and Samuel Bayer's A Nightmare on Elm Street, both remakes of the original films.

Check out her suspense-filled acting chops in this video below:

I personally am incredibly excited about this film. John Leonetti has been attached to such favorites as the Insidious movies and The Conjuring, showing us already what kind of phenomenal suspense he will bring to the film.

Although no release date is set, I guess I'll have to binge watch a ton of horror films until then. Time to get some popcorn popping, dim the lights, and get all snuggled in a blanket.

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