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While doing some ironing, I popped in my Coraline DVD. I recall my first time watching this on a plane and jumping up and down in my seat looking like a crazed woman because this movie creeped me out. It was not the innocent little animated film I thought it would be. Now, years later, I still enjoy this movie and think it would be pretty neat if they could make it live-action. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed Dakota Fanning as Coraline and Teri Hatcher as the Other Mother, I started to think who I'd cast in a live-action version. Of course, I think Tim Burton would be a great director but I'd be curious how Henry Selick would re-do Coraline.

Here's who I would cast:

Coraline - Mackenzie Foy: you know her as Matthew McConaughey's daughter in Interstellar

Other Mother - Rosamund Pike aka psycho wife from Gone Girl

Coraline's father - Alan Rickman aka Severus Snake. Just picture him with glasses!

Miss April Spink and Miss Miriam Forcible - Kathy Bates and Meryl Streep. Not too much logic but I think it would be entertaining to see these two share a scene and in burlesque outfits no less.

Mr. Bobinsky - Will Ferrell. It may be a long stretch but I think he could pull off a Russian accent. Am I wrong?

Wybie - David Mazouz. I've only seen him in Gotham but the kid has potential.

The Cat - Tom Hiddleston. Because...just because!

Who would you cast?!?!


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