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If you've read my articles, I often talk about about how Hollywood has lost its originality and that we as entertainment consumers are force-fed half baked ideas of previous versions of movies without any regard to past movie accomplishments.

Are we doomed as it was seen in Back to the Future 2 with Jaws 19 to make sequels upon sequels of movies? Has Hollywood's originality been limited to using source material?

Jaw 19 - Directed by Max Spielberg
Jaw 19 - Directed by Max Spielberg

And even when directors and movie makers use source material it's usually changed to such a degree it's pointless.

The new Terminator movie cashes in on Arnold returning to the franchise.

Every Marvel movie cashes in on comic books; the stories are unoriginal or have been renamed and repainted. These are stories that were already told.

Exodus: Gods and King was a washed out version of the Old Testament account of the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt, yet the movie makers used almost zero of the source material.

The movie Chappie was basically a rewrapped Short Circuit. Originality

So the question remaining in my mind is this:

What topics could be of relevance to an original movie plot? Where can moviemakers go? It seems as though every topic in human history has been covered from top to bottom. From AI to Apocalyptic futures, world disasters to dinosaurs, Aliens and Bigfoot, every topic in human history has been covered, every thing in human culture has been covered and in general, everything in the world has been talked about in movies. So where does that leave originality?

...Possibly with these:
Psychology of AI
Sex Trafficking of Robots
Human Evolution
Ralph Nader

The fact of the matter is this; Hollywood has been drained of originality. Maybe it's just human nature that our imagination limits us.

How did Leonardo Di Vinci, Jules Verne, or HG Wells, talk about the fantastic, yet now, we sit in an age of stagnation and drained imagination.

What needs to be done is for people to think beyond what is in front of us, and to the stars, but beyond that. Because that's what the great writers did, they thought of what was beyond their grasp of comprehension, they dreamed. We used to dream more, but now, our dreams are remakes and reboots...


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