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Title: Avengers: Age of Ultron
Release Date: May 1st, 2015
Starring: Robert Downey JR., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, etc.


Avengers: Age of Ultron was the much anticipated sequel to the first smash hit that came out in 2012. The Avengers are cleaning up the mess that hydra/shield left behind when they come across Loki's scepter. While playing with the scepter Stark and Banner find something within the stone that could protect the earth so that the Avengers won't have to. But what becomes of it turns out to have an opposite agenda.


The plot in this movie was much more riveting than the first. It was action packed and was more than just a pissing contest between the characters. It kept you on your toes and kept you interested. It was one of the movies that was definitely an action movie but it had so much humor and even romance in it that you didn't get bored. You know how some action movies are just nothing but explosions and the dialogue is lacking? This was not one of those movies. Sure there were lots of amazing explosions but there was also side splitting lines. It really brought the whole movie together and the plot was direct and to the point, it wasn't all over the place like this post for example.


I mean Robert Downey Jr. was in it do you really even need me to put anything here? As always Tony Stark did a good job at playing Robert Downey Jr...I meant Robery Downey Jr did a wonderful job at playing Stark. Then there is Mark Ruffalo. After all of the actors that I have seen play the incredible Hulk he hands down wins. He plays the character so well that you almost think that he might actually start turning green in real life. Chris Evans as always was a great Captain America. He played the modest, old fashioned cap excellently. It almost makes you forget that the first Captain America was so shitty.


This movie did a good job at showing how the Avengers still needed to do some team bonding. In the first movie I kind of thought that the Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye didn't really get anytime to really shine and that you didn't get to learn as much as you thought about them. And yes the Hulk did get a few other movies but at the same time it was a completely different actor so it doesn't even count! You get to learn about what Hawkeye's life is outside of shield and it really brings out this whole other side to him. It makes you look at his character differently. With Black Widow it shows you a bit on how she came to be the way she is and things that she had tried to avoid. Including feelings for a certain you-know-who. The movie also introduces two new characters that were introduced at the end of Captain America: the winter soldier. Yeah you remember the bad ass twins? They make their grand debut in this movie and let me tell you the scarlet witch one is one bad ass mother fucker.

Rating: Worthy of Thor's Hammer


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