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The Internet is a sensitive/cruel place! All anyone does is complain about the next thing they see. Then there's the DC/Marvel flame war....


After seeing constant arguments, memes, and videos of so much hate, I decided to make an article about!


Basically, he's saying if you're a fan who's easily offended, DON'T READ THE ARTICLE! IT'S GOING TO GET UGLY. Also, spoilers for AoU ahead!

Ok, so we see memes like this!

Yup, got DC fans angry, but they fought back

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Trailer!

The war was already bad enough, but this trailer made the war worse! Don't get it twisted, I got goosebumps from that trailer. However, this is where the hate from both sides gotten boiled. More and more memes started to pop up and insults from both fan bases were heating up.

The trailer was probably hurt because it had to go up against 2 giants... Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Ant-Man (Disney movies).

Give or take, I understand why people hate the DCCU, even though it's just getting started! MoS, casting, pushing the date for BvS twice, no Arrow crossover, assumption of the tone etc. A lot of channels are criticizing DC (Screen Junkies and Comic Book Cast for example). That being said... It is a FACT that DC is more heavily criticized than Marvel!

Then this movie came out...

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Many said it was good, but others said it didn't live up to their expectations. This is where the war gotten worse. Fans that enjoyed the sequel defended the movie (just like how people defended MoS). You see memes like this...

or this...

... or this!

I see this more often now... you know how Marvel fans say DC fans are desperate to defend movies like MoS... well after people said what they had to about AoU... Both fan bases are no better than one another!

Sometimes, it is fun to see fan wars, but now they get to the point where it gets REAL ugly!

That is a real low-blow! Like every time Marvel and/or DC is mentioned on a post... fans always post some nonsense in the comments. I think people who just want to get their own opinion on things need to say away from the comments (kidding), but the comment section is irresistible for most people!

But what if the post is not to your liking? I see a lot of people online bashing what I like more than the people who support it! Well... the trailer for DC's Legends of Tomorrow dropped.

This gave hope to DC fans and even Marvel fans that at least one division of DC is holding the fort. Plus, Supergirl had some positive reviews.

If you're still with me... Good! Suicide Squad photo!

This is another thing with mixed reveals, just like the Jared Leto Joker picture. Ranging from people loving it saying they look like vilains to people saying it's cheap cosplay.

Now... Let the prejudging begin!

Leaked Photos & Footage!

Personally, I think leaked photos are hurting movies (especially DC). Depends on how they look, but this again split the crowd! The Civil War set photos weren't helping...

More set photos from both sides got leaked, HOWEVER, Civil War set photos are as clear as day while Suicide Squad is blurry and not good quality. While Crossbones is being praised by most, Leto's Joker indeed has tattoos leading into a lot more criticism. Another reason for some fans to say Marvel respects the source material, but DC does not. Some say the have to separate this Joker from the rest. Got to admit though, Crossbones looks great!

Anyway, back to the wars!

It gotten so bad that... that people gotten famous because they start the wars (no names will be mentioned).

Let's ask this question again!

Has The Fan War Gotten Worse?!?

YES and it should be expected, after all, 2016 is getting closer! Both DC and Marvel try to take the opposite direction from one another. MCU is seen as light-hearted and bright while DCCU is more gritty and dark. However, we have TV...

Arrow now looks to be more light-hearted (similar to the Flash) while Daredevil is more gritty and dark.

End The Feud!

Or also . I see a lot of these pop up more and it's cool. It's gotten to the point where people only enjoy tv/movies from one side (either though they can be good from the other company).


I made that meme guys, believe it or not. Anyway, it's cool to like one over other, but wow! People literally sell their souls to these companies. A lot of these fanatics are really annoying to see online, it's only funny for a little while, but people call each other idiots for what they like. Then people pull up financial differences and quality. Don't forget that each company has to do the same formula to some fans. If BvS and Suicide Squad comes out good, will the war end... NO! It might make it worse.

What do you think? Leave a comment. Please be discrete in the comments! Who knows... I might make a part 2!

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