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Hello internet. First time writing one of these and I hope you enjoy and that I will make more in the near future. But enough about me! Now, we know that General Ross will be in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) and most likely will be working with the government, but will he become Red Hulk? I believe the answer is yes.

Red Hulk's History

First, and one of my favorite parts, a little comics history. General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, as pictured above. Ross was obsessed with taking down what he considered a national security threat: The Hulk. Ross' daughter, Betty, also had a romance with Hulk's alter-ego, scientist Bruce Banner. At one point the military even gave him a base to work out of titled Hulkbuster Base. After a nervous breakdown or two he made a deal with Intelligencia, a group of genius supervillains, transformed him into Red Hulk for revenge on Banner.

He then went on a large rampage that involved killing a few Wendigos and the Abomination. But how could he fit into Civil War?

The (Far-Flung) Theory

How would Red Hulk fit into Civil War? I believe he will take Thor's spot. In the comics Thor was in Asgard during Civil War so the likes of Tony Stark and Dr. Richards cloned him. Thor's clone, named Ragnarok, went Beserk and killed Goliath. Essentially what will happen is that Ross finds out Iron Man is looking for participants to create a gamma soldier because his side needs some Hulk-sized power. Ross signs up, wanting to take out the Hulk for looking like a hero to the public and, in turn, making Ross look bad for wanting to take him down. What Ross doesn't know is that the Leader, last seen in SHIELD custody, is creating the Gamma energy.

It works, not only giving him Hulk-like strength but also allow him to release blasts of heat. As he prepares for a battle with Cap's side a side effect of the radiation begins to take effect that deteriorates his mind to only his revenge. During the battle he kills an Avenger and is relocated to a new gamma powered holding facility; the Cube. Sets up a possible Incredible Hulk 2 while giving us a lot of amazing fight scenes.

Well, what do you think? Tell me in the comments below!


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