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After Avengers: Age of Ultron was released to theaters on May 1, 2015, the toys based off of the team of superheroes have been released all over the place! The toys are made and dedicated to the most famous superheroes that kids enjoy today. The toys may be created to represent famous action scenes in the movie but sometimes can't exactly be 100% on point. Just recently Black Widow has been replaced in a toy that was based off of an action scene with her jumping out of a jet on a motorcycle in South Korea, attempting to catch Ultron.

Why Did They Change it?

The toy shown in the tweet above is actually a pretty cool toy, but kids who have seen the movie will be asking questions such as "Where is Natasha?". The toy manufacturing company of Marvel just completely changed the character that was portrayed on screen. Does this have anything to do with the gender politics going around about Black Widow? It would make a lot more sense if they based the toy with Captain America off of the scene at the beginning of the movie with Steve Rogers fighting Hydra while riding a motorcycle. They can also just do another version with Black Widow riding it so that kids can have a choice whether to pick Captain America or Natasha Romanoff riding the motorcycle.

The toy clearly presents the scene involving Black Widow. They never announced why they decided to change the character in the toy but hopefully that question will be answered really soon!

Here's The Scene With Black Widow!



Why do you think they decided to switch up the roles?


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