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Holmes is back, and he's silver!

But that's ok, because he's being played by the magical Ian McKellen AKA Gandalf, AKA Magneto, AKA Chauvelin...Scarlet Pimpernel? No? Ok. Just me.

He had dark hair in that one. Back when he was young.

This will obviously be different from the Robert Downey Jr.'s, younger, more eccentric version...

And Benedict Cumberbatch's snarky, also eccentric interpretation...

Which seems to be the point. In this telling, Sherlock Holmes is adamant that Watson––the man who wrote the stories––got it all wrong. That he embellished the cases they solved together, and nothing was as flowery as he made it seem.

We shall see...

I've loved the many takes on this classic character, whose author just couldn't kill. Now I'm ready for a more mature, and total twist of that detective so many love.

(And a more difficult case to solve. Let's be honest. Totally called that cab one almost as soon as it started. I should have been Sherlock Holmes. That case would have been done in 2 seconds. Sorry Cumberbatch, still love you.)

Let's see how original you can get with someone who's been made over a million times.


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