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I own every issue of Grendel and Deadpool. I am a veteran aswell.
Keith Cal

1. Grendel Prime

He Hails from the Grendel War Child series. I put him on #1 because he kicked the shit out of Batman to the point where Batman was a broken toy to him.

2. Deadpool

Deadpool is just badass for too many many it would take forever for me to type them all up.

3. Spawn (Al Simmons)

Seriously I don't need to explain why Spawn is badass.

4. Horse Cock

Because the Crossed don't care who you are and this guy will beat you to death with a horse cock. That is his name in the series as well...just in case you were wondering.

5. Ghost

She is a sexy ghost who carries duel hand guns...and kills shit. Those are pretty good reasons in my book for being a badass!

6. The Shadow

Even though he started out as a radio show way back in the day, his comics are beautifully violent. He will laugh like a psychopath and murder the shit out of you after he scares the crap out of you first of coarse.

7. The Rocketeer

I need no explanation.

8. Hunter Rose

He is a evil mastermind. The first Grendel and he also made a chump out of Batman.

9. Boba Fett

Because he is Boba Fett.

10. Lobo

He inhales violence and exhales casualties.


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