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Creepypasta: home to horror stories that made history. Where Slenderman came to be. Where we learned about a haunted copy of Majora's Mask. Basically, it was the place where you said "I'll be fine, I'll just read one", and you ended up reading 10 stories and each gave you nightmares for months.

One of the most horrifying, life-ruining websites on the internet is getting its own series of short horror films, and it's being taken on by a major horror legend.

Mr. Clive Barker.

Barker and Pinhead from Hellraiser
Barker and Pinhead from Hellraiser

Known for the Hellraiser series, Nightbreed, and Candyman (amongst many others), Clive Barker is considered one of the most influential people in horror. Now, he's taking on some stories that have made their way into our brains and will stay there forever...

Barker will be teaming up with Machinima to create a series of short horror films adapted from Creepypasta submissions. I'm kind of freaking out.

Release dates have not been announced yet, but I'll be sure to keep you all posted as I find out more about this ridiculously exciting endeavor!


Are you guys as excited as I am?!


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