ByAnishkaNash, writer at

While watching Avengers: Age Of Ultron, did you feel that the screen was dominated by Iron Man and Captain America? Well you're not the only one. Director Josh Whedon decided to focus on their stories the most. Iron Man and Captain America both had more than 45 minutes according to Vulture followed by the Black Widow with 33 minutes. Quicksilve, The Hulk and Scarlett Witch got just over 20 minutes and Hawkeye got just under 20 minutes. Thor got 14:18 and The Vision got only 8:41.

The most surprising is Tho, being one of the main Avengers with a solo movie franchise he got less than 15 minutes. Also surprising is Hawkeye since we learn so much about him and since his story was a big part of the film. It's not surprising that the Vision got under 9 minutes since his appearance was made towards the end of the movie in the third act.


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