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Last weekend, Wizard World came to Philadelphia. And with it, came celebrities, photo ops, incredible collectibles and - you guessed it - some awesome cosplay.

Now, I do not, by any means, claim to be a photographer. So all of the photos I took came from my phone. I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos. I'll also admit, I could not identify every costume I saw. So if I leave the names out from any of these pictures (or mislabel) please feel free to let me know who they really are in the comments.

That being said, here is some of the best cosplay I saw this weekend. Enjoy!

1. Ultron!

2. These are hand-made Captain America and Winter Soldier dresses!

3. Harley Quinn was probably the most popular female costume.

4. Arsenal

5. Adam Warlock, Death and Thanos

6. Raiden and Jade (look at those eyes!)

7. Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?

8. Another Harley and the Arrow (Boxing glove arrow included)

9. I know it's not a costume, but this modified Cap shield is Awesome!

10. Speaking of Cap. Here he is with Ms. Marvel

11. The Coon

12. Who ya gonna call?

13. Xerxes

Help me out with this one guys!
Help me out with this one guys!

14. Star-Lord (Male and Female)

15. Quite the random collection here. But that's what's great about Comic Con.

16. Black Cat

17. Deathstroke

18. Poison Ivy

19. Minion! (this poor guy couldn't go 30 seconds without getting stopped for a picture)

20. Storm (again... those eyes!) and a Hydra agent.

21. Mockingbird and Captain Marvel

22. Bane

23. Logan

24. The Witch King was one of the most impressive costumes I saw...

Help me with this one too!
Help me with this one too!

25. ...but this may have been my favorite. LEGO Avengers!

26. Mario and Luigi with some new weaponry to show off.

27. Another Arrow, this time with the Black Canary.

28. Avengers (this time not in LEGO form)

29. Rocket Raccoon

30. Another one of my favorites. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy!

31. And finally, simple, and yet still so creative. Hydra recruiter!

Hope you enjoyed these costumes (and the Deadpool shield) as much as I did.

Check back for more from Wizard World Comic Con in Philly, including my interview with the Green Ranger himself, Jason David Frank!


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