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As this is a new series of reviews, I'm going to set up how I do my thing. First, my thoughts on tonight's episode will come in bullet point form. The different facets of the show will be separated into their own little corner, tag team matches and observations will go under the headline Tag Team and so on.

I tend to rant, so be prepared for some rage on a few subjects. I might come off as negative in these reviews, but as you can see by tonight's score I like the product. I've been watching Pro Wrestling since I can remember and I want to see it become great again, which is why I'm so critical of it. One more thing, I refuse to cover Roman Reigns. I hate it when someone is being rammed down my throat, especially when they aren't that talented and never paid their dues to get where they are. It's really too bad because I like everyone else in the Anoai'i Family, but what can you do. That being said, lets get started.


Triple H came back to make peace in the war between Kane and Seth Rollins, Triple H tells Kane if he can't get in line he might not have a job. Trips then set up bouts for all four contestants in Sunday's WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. one of which never began.

I think they are taking too long on the Kane face turn. The purpose of the turn is so Kane can be super over when he retires later this year, and the chance to do that may be gone by the time they finally pull the trigger on this.

Also your in Dean Ambrose' hometown and you waste him on a Jobber Squash of Joey Mercury and Jaime Noble? At least he got a win and a huge pop from the crowd. Winning on a go home show means he's doomed in the title match Sunday but he was never going over anyway.

Tag Team:

I've gotta say, before I get to the singles bout between The Brass Ring Society's Antonio Cesaro and the New Day's Big E Langston, that I need to give major props to the WWE on steering into the skid on the New Day. What they usually do when a performer/group is getting nuclear heat is to relegate them to being glorified jobbers that barely make it on tv. Instead they turned New Day heel and playing into the negative reaction they get. It's genius really.

The match was quick, really just a five minuet filler match, but it had some great spots, and was entertaining, which is all I ask of a filler match.

I do have an issue with Natalya of the Brass Ring club but that will be adressed in the Divas Division segment.

In other tag team goings on: "Big Deal" Titus O' Neil and Darren "No Days Off" Young cut a funny promo as legendary tag team New Age Outlaws. I'm excited for their return, they were entertaining, and Darren had an awesome finisher.

The Tag Team Division, just months ago the laughing stock of the promotion, has turned into its beacon. The older teams stepping up, and NXT call ups like the Lucha Dragons are bringing a fire and passion to the division I Haven't seen in years. Hats off to WWE again.


Newly minted King of the Ring Wade "Bad News" Barret defeated Jobber to the Stars Dolph Ziggler in an entertaining match that is putting Barret on the right track after his almost two month win-less streak. Poor Ziggler, a great in ring worker who somehow can't find the main event scene, was immediately bicycle kicked by Sheamus afterward because... I don't know, probably to tip off the fans that Ziggler will win Sunday.

John Cena had a US Title match against NXT Call up and great new talent Adriane Neville in an awesome match that got ruined by a non-finish ending do to interference from "Bulgarian Brute" Alexander Russev. The frustrating non-finish is the reason that I put tonight's show at an eight, non-finishes happen way to often.

Divas Division:

Brie Bella failed at wrestling against talented returning Diva Tamina Snuka (yes, she is the daughter of the great "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka). I don't know what to say, Tamina is good but the Bella twins can't wrestle, of the divas on the roster, only Paige (an amazing young British call up from NXT who has already held the title thrice in her first year on the main roster), Natalya, and Alicia Fox (who hasn't been on TV in forever) have trained their whole lives. Paige started her career at eleven, most of the rest of the divas are models who got a month of training. The future is bright if you look to NXT though.

Speaking of Natalya Neidhart, WWE needs to admit that they've given up on her. She was the third member of an inter-gender tag team that was so fun and entertaining in 2010, by 2012 she was a solo heel who would win matches by releasing a heinous accidental fart and using the distraction for the win, 2013-2014 they changed her gimmick to being the peacemaker between (storyline) verbally abusive real life husband Tyson Kidd, and now in 2015 her new gimmick is basically "stands around having large breasts". I'm not the one emphasizing she has large breasts either, her new costume is all about that. Its not a knock on her for having them, she's a beautiful woman that actually has a very healthy figure that young fans can look up to. But the thing is she is one of the best female wrestlers on the roster, she was trained by her dad and Bret Hart dammit, and she hasn't wrestled since October.


JBL was obnoxious as usual, I loved this guy as a wrestler but they need to replace him fast. I would mention the thing he said two weeks ago that would prove my point, but then you would see me go Super Saiyan and that would just be embarrassing.

There was a main event tonight but guess who got involved? Anyway that is why I didn't cover it.

thank you for reading my first Raw review, BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT I THINK.


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