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I have a weird personality just go with it :P

Movie: Freakazoid: The new beginning

Dexter Douglas was a 16 year old boy who was very introverted and different. When going to school he hardly talked to anyone, slept most of the time in class and somehow has above average scoring on tests without even one moment of paying attention in class. Teachers would praise his above average intelligence but he’d just brush it off and not care. Only when he’s locked in is his room he shows his true colors and goes to work as a black market hacker. Earn a bit of cash here and there, make “websites” for people. The only one who really knows is his mischief is older brother Duncan who blackmails him constantly for it and makes fun of him for making raunchy websites for cash(his parents think he’s a graphic desighner). One day surfing the deep web he discovered files from a company called Hindbrain corps (owned by “The Lobe”). He was spying on them for a while so he could steal the info, and sell it. The files he came upon were a special code that was hard to crack. The way that he would store files is to download them on a floppy disk and save them on an old 90’s computer. He then figures out how to crack the code and sell the info. Once finally decoding the puzzle after days of working on it he realizes the final words in the code were “Freak out!”. Puzzled by the result and exhausted from working, he tries hitting the tab button but accidentally hits a bunch of buttons then enter. Suddenly bright blue static shoots out of the computure sucking dexter into a free fall into the matrix. He starts to scream to the point his face turns blue. We zoom inside his head to see blue electric static and a bunch of famous comedy scenes from classics like looney toons and three stooges getting bashed into his head by a mallet. His yell starts to morph into a glee-ish yell as he gets shot out of the computer screen as a white bolt of light speeding around the earth. He bumps into thing like the Eiffel tower, sinks a land museum replica of the Titanic, pinballs through Taj Mahal and stops in mid speed to gently step over a plugged cord of a street sweeper in his local city. He then looks at himself in the reflection of a one way window. “Wow wee-check out me!” He then starts to make weird faces and shake is butt at his reflection while people on the other side of the window judging him. “Hmmm the style of me is a bit much, but one could get use to it! Hey look a balloon guy!” “please call me Mrs.Hugbees!” Both glance at the camera. “So whats your name sport? You some kind a freakazoid or something?” “Hmm, well strange man lady that randomly sells balloons in the street I don’t really have a name!” “Then Freakazoid it is!” As Freak and the balloon man lady chat a camera from Hinbrain corps observing them. “We’ve located it sir!” a scientist shouts to an only shaped silhouette which replies back with an evil British accent “Excellent…” (eh thats all I got for now XD)


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