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Sooooo, today i made my second attempt to successfully get a seat since to the screening of "Mad Max: Fury Road", my 1st attempted ended with a "sorry bud, no more seats.."

BUT TODAY MY FRIENDS..... , i made it on time and got in, and well lets just say as a Movie follower/enthusiast and someone new to the whole Mad Max Franchise, i figured why not watch it and let this be the first post i write before i watch the 1st few installments so i can write my view & opinion on the reboot/ continuation of the franchise unbiased. The movie stars as you all may know are many but a few of the big names are as follows: "Tom Hardy" , "Charlize Theron" , "Nicholas Hoult", to name a few, so lets get started....

Here a one of my favorite trailer that really captures the real masterpiece that this movie is in itself; enjoy. This movie its a must see this Friday, a good bro movie, date movies or a solo either way you end up there, your gonna love this movie. A brief description of the movie below

In a stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, two rebels just might be able to restore order: Max, a man of action and of few words, and Furiosa, a woman of action who is looking to make it back to her childhood homeland.


Well to answer that question it seems that Miller has 2 scripts that have been made in addition to Fury Road release, one of the two titled "Mad Max: Furiosa", miller says that if fury road meets expectation or just does plain old steller job in the box office , which honestly man I'm quite sure that after seeing it my self its already probably in the works for production or in that direction. He even said that he has 2 more stories to tell if all goes well.

But lets get to it, M.M.F.R was an over all epic, and memorable film something that makes me look forward to the next few installments, just like those who have seen the first 3 originals and look forward to see how miller rebooted/revived this classic. This movie was a masterpiece it has everything you could ask for in a movie in my eyes, as someone not familiar to the Mad Max Series it was not hard at all to get an overall understanding of the plot and enjoy the ride as you see it unfold .If you haven't seen any of the other ones like me its OK, because its save to make a pretty reasonable assumption of what may have happened prior to get an idea of what certain scenes mean. The cinematography and the just over all vibe and feeling had you sucked into the screen. There wasent a point where i was not interested in it for any distractions to prove succefull due to the fact that all i cared about was finding out what and how the next serires of events would unfold, now mind you i was pretty late for being early to the screening i was invited to and i was pretty low down in seats but it didn't mess up the experience , I think its good enough to see with out 3d but watchin it imax 3d , but i definitely recommend to treat yourself to the imax 3d experience, the film is worth the buy.

I saw the first 15 to 20 minutes of the first MM and i like that fact that the same car is still there.
I saw the first 15 to 20 minutes of the first MM and i like that fact that the same car is still there.

From beginning to end this post apocalyptic action packed thriller, with is funny comedic witty moments that leave you wanting more and more, and as the film flows its self into your view you get just as you asked continuously threw out the whole film , i have yet to see the first original 3 with mel gibson, i was a tom hardy fan already but this movie straight out right solidifies him as one of my top ranked favorite actors out now, from his bane role, to his ruthless cage fighter role in warrior, and others to go on. I gotta say he nailed it , though to be honest he didn't have much per say, i guess literally not much, tom manages to get you to understand him with simple face gestures grunts and hard raw survival instincts showcased in the film threw out the whole movie.

I also cant forget the incredible performance that Charlize Theron aka Imperator Furiosa as seen below, looking completely and totally bad-ass , you probably remember her with hair in Prometheus & Hancock & who can forget aeon flux a classic, she still look fine as ever though so long or buzzed i'm with it!

I can saw with out a doubt she was equally as bad-ass ass max aka tom hardy threw out the whole movie as well showing that as in character she knew basically what the hell to do almost at all time only until plot turns & twist arrive to have these two cross path through out the film you see true intention reveal so on so forth, she displays the hurt of being forced to live the life she leaves hints the plot beginning to the movie, i don't think that's a spoiler so yeah.

Furiosa with the iron fist!!
Furiosa with the iron fist!!

Overall to all who don't know if its a good movie to watch or debating whether its worth the watch, i can definitely say that its worth the buy,its riveting & exciting , non stop hard action, the whole time through out the whole movie,sand..... sand... and more sand... hahaha but then again i re think that after seeing that really dope shoot of this scene its just looks freaking amazing

***Below are some behind the seen footage, so beware the tweet contains possible spoiler's**

But i have to say other than max my favorite character was "Nux" & the character development through out the plot of the film that he had and the key role he played in the film and he was just freaking awesome throughout the whole movie.

"what a lovely day, what a lovely lovely day"!!!
"what a lovely day, what a lovely lovely day"!!!


Thanks for giving it a read, share it, like it, let me know if you've seen it what you think and you tell me:


Do all these cool trailers and promo out there make you more entice to see the movie or not?


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