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8 things I hate about The Avengers Age of Ultron in a Spoiler filled Rant

Here is the first reason why it sucks. Ultron why is the movie even called age of ultron I feel like i never really got to see an angry robot I got to see an angry James Spader with a robot body. Could you at least digitize its voice so I don't feel like I’m just watching the blacklist? A really long and really boring filler episode of the blacklist? And this is not only problem with Ultron he's created way too quickly and seemingly by accident. Which doesn’t make sense if he was an accident why does he have some many qualities of Tony Stark? What would of been a better movie is if we saw Ultron come into being slower, get programmed and be a good guy for a little bit. Show us his potential!! I would have loved to see him take out bad guys with ease, then slowing start to turn on the avengers realizing that they might be the bad guys in his opinion. Or why doesn't he take over the world ? capture more than Unimportant make believe european city.

The beginning of the film was super boring I didn't why the avengers were in this snow covered forest beating up on random humans. The random Hydra guys did have bad ass laser guns but they we all knew they were just nameless henchmen that were just cannon fodder there was no real tension in the beginning so I had real reason to care about the random action that took 15 minutes of my time. It was extremely boring when you don't know what is going on and why it is happening. I think with the fact that I know these characters and it is a sequel I can't just jump in the middle of battle. This kind of scene would have been awesome if I did not know who they are as it would amazing to see all these characters for the first time but being it is the 11th movie in Marvel I’m not surprised to see them in action I’m bored

Dumb plot holes from other movies. I dont even need to go into detail here . Why is Tony Stark Iron Man again? Why isn't Nick Fury in hiding? Why is shield back together? Why even break up shield if you need them for the next movie?

Thor is only around to promote his other movies

Age of Ultron was only made to promote other movies mostly it was just a preview for captain america civil war

I’m just going to say it but black widow is a slut, what else would you call a girl that gets with every avenger. I’m going to call it like i see just like Jeremy Renner

This movie is a mess bad sub plots, characters that serve no purpose, boring villain,this movie is passionless and feel like it was made by a boring A.I. maybe Ultron ?

The Stacks were really low first off Ultron was basically a bunch of disposable robots the couldn't even harm, hawkeye and blackwidow? He doesn't really do anything cool the entire movies. I never felt the avengers were in trouble or really threatened. Ultron never really threatens anything I would care. Who cares if he blows up a fake ass city in a fake eastern european country? The whole movie just doesn't feel like he will do anything significant and well he doesn't :( Half way in the movie I wonder why they are even trying to stop ultron he was just chilling with his homies they might as well had him watching tv with how little he did.

Why wasn't this broken up into different movies? A bunch better movie would of started out with the avengers disbanded because of shield with tony stark creating Ultron to protect the world. Ultron works perfectly and proliferates across the globe slowly but surely it starts to think for itself and grow evil . The Twins Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver rise to power but ultron quickly puts them down showing how powerful it has become. Ultron becomes more evil and instead of protecting the world it rules it and imprisons it.the world cries out for help tony just tony tracks down the original avengers go against ultron and get their asses kicked. Nick fury see this reboots shield collects Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver out of jail they all go against ultron again see his secret vision project accidently give it life while trying to destroy it. Vision and the fully assembled avengers kick ultron ass movie over. And if you read this far now you know how disappointing age of ultron way in comparison to a bs outline I whipped up in 15 minutes

The one thing I will have to say the part of this movie that I love that most that most people hate was the twins. Scarlet witch, and Quicksilver were the best parts for me they just something fresh and new that was fun to watch. I like their speech they gave to ultron about hiding from the stark bomb it was the best part and pretty terrifying


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