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Mark Marshall

I was one the lucky few who were able to see the movie "30 minutes or Less" at a certain festival, in which they had a special screening for true film majors/buffs. The producers made it clear no reviews or cell phones or notes were to be made while this movie was being screened, so just for safety, I wont review the movie till it comes out. But on a brighter side, Aziz did do a Q&A after the movie was over and let a few select people ask him some questions. I was one of the lucky ones to get to ask him a few questions, but I had to make it quick...nerves set in...will I be clever? Will I make a fool of myself? All these thoughts crossed my mind, first thing that came to mind "was how was it to like to work with Danny McBride?" then shortly after Aziz got comfortable, being the funny guy he is.......he says.."let me guess you guys wanna know how it was like to work with Danny McBride?" I looked at my buddy and said well dayum....So apparently I'm not that original, I just honestly didn't know everybody was on McBride's nuts like that. So Aziz being from the south like myself, I figured I'd ask him if he had any advice for film majors trying to make it from the south....Yeah I thought that would be pretty legit, but before i could say that...the minute my mouth reached the microphone....all I could say was "wowww I can't believe this is really happening right now". Aziz being the person he is, simply replied " what's not to believe? You stood up, walked over, and stood in front of the mic and spoke, now here we are!!?!??" The crowd got a kick out of it, as did I, hell it could have been alot worse: At least he got a good joke out of it...I continued to tell him I was a big fan of Parks and Rec, I wished the show and Ron Swanson good luck at the Emmy's and Critic choice awards. Then snuck in one more question about how many of his lines were written or improvised(a few specific ones. where he names the flowers by rapper's names and his classic food abbreviation spill. He simply replied "man it's just a little of both"..........................And that's all she wrote!


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