ByLeah Gomez, writer at

James Cameron's Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time being both a financial and critical success. There are even plans for not one but two Avatar sequels. With all of Avatar success and future projects it is no wonder why Disney wants to add an Avatar land to its current Orlando theme park, Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Avatar fanatics are of course excited and eagerly awaiting the parks expansion for a chance to explore Pandora. The concept art is truly breathtaking making it seem like you are about to set foot into the movie.

Avatar Land will be around seven acres with multiple attractions, rides and even a spectacular night show. The park will of course be expanding its hours to acomadate the new land and its features. Not much has been released about the rides but James Cameron has said there will be a 3D ride showing creatures that were cut from the original film. Two other rides have also been announced, a simulater that will allow guests to ride a mountain banshee and a boat ride (seen above) showcasing Pandoras beautiful plant life and ecosystem. Avatar Land is expected to be open in early 2017, hopefully we will all have are Avatars ready in time.


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