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Everyone wants to be a Bender. Don't lie. You know you do. Here's some information that will make it easier to do.

  • Pick your Bending.
  • Learn your craft.
  • Conquer the world.

Seems easy, right? Now get to it...


The Earth Kingdom is highly reflective of the Chinese culture, with Korean, and Japanese influences. Their Bending technique is based off of Hung Gar.

Below, we compare Toph to a Chinese woman.

HUNG GAR: This may be slightly graphic to some people, but it's still pretty epic.


The Fire Nation is primarily inspired by Japan, South, and Southeast Asia. Their form of Bending is reflective of Northern Shaolin.

Below, we compare Zuko with a Japanese man.

NORTHERN SHAOLIN: Wait, I've seen those moves before...


The Air Nomads are mostly based on Tibetan culture, and Lankan Buddhism. Their primary Kung Fu form for Airbending is Ba Gua.

Here, we compare Aang with a Tibetan Monk.

BA GUA: Isn't it so cool to see in real-life?!


The Water Tribes are primarily based on Sireniki Eskimo culture, but are also influenced by other aboriginal tribes, like the Northern Tribe's architecture being reflective of Aztec architecture. Their Waterbending is based off of T'ai Chi.

In the picture below, we compare Katara to an Eskimo woman.

T'AI CHI: It's even just relaxing to watch.

If you're an Avatar fan, and want to see more, you can click here to explore.

Knowledge is power! Choose your Bending, go forth, and storm the world!

But of course, if you can't Bend, there's always the boomerang.


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