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Just a little warning, i'm gonna say something after every legend, just for those who have nervous problems (like me) or that are still young, so they take their minds of the legend and don't get scared, okay? If you don't need help to forget or to take your mind of this things after reading them, then ignore what i say after the legends. Thank you.

1.Bloody Mary

I know you all know this one BUT, here's a story posted online in Feb. 16, 1994:

“When I was about 9 years old, I went to a friend’s for a birthday/slumber party. There were about 10 other girls there. About midnight, we decided to play Mary Worth. Some of us had never heard of this so one of the girls told the story.

Mary Worth lived a long time ago. She was a very beautiful young girl. One day she had a terrible accident that left her face so disfigured that nobody would look at her. She had not been allowed to see her own reflection after this accident for fear that she would lose her mind. Before this, she had spent long hours admiring her beauty in her bedroom mirror.

One night, after everyone had gone to bed, unable to fight the curiosity any longer, she crept into a room that had a mirror. As soon as she saw her face, she broke down into terrible screams and sobs. It was at this moment that she was so heartbroken and wanted her old reflection back, which she walked into the mirror to find it, vowing to disfigure anybody that came looking for her in the mirror.

After hearing this story, which was told very scarily, we decided to turn out all of the lights and try it. We all huddled around the mirror and starting repeating “Mary Worth, Mary Worth, I believe in Mary Worth”. About the seventh time we said it one of the girls that was in front of the mirror started screaming and trying to push her way back away from the mirror. She was screaming so loud that my friend’s mom came running into the room. She quickly turned on the lights and found this girl huddled in the corner screaming. She turned her around to see what the problem and saw these long fingernail scratches running down her right cheek. I will never forget her face as long as I live!!”

Creepy right?

There are a lot of versions of this legend, the most known one is:

"There once was a young beautiful girl, and one day she was kidnapped and buried alive in woods. She tried so hard to get out it drove her insane, and she scratched her eyes out. She was found dead in her grave a few days later. To summon her, you turn off the light, get a lighted candle, turn on the tap (usually done in bathrooms), and chant her name 3/13 times. Then look in the mirror, she should be there and if she has a rose/teddy bear you are going to live and if she has a knife you are going to die."

2.The Body in the Bed

This one is actually based on true events. Read the story and then ill tell you the real one.

“A man and woman went to Las Vegas for their honeymoon, and checked into a suite at a hotel. When they got to their room they both detected a bad odour. The husband called down to the front desk and asked to speak to the manager. He explained that the room smelled very bad and they would like another suite. The manager apologized and told the man that they were all booked because of a convention. He offered to send them to a restaurant of their choice for lunch compliments of the hotel and said he was going to send a maid up to their room to clean and to try and get rid of the odour.

After a nice lunch the couple went back to their room. When they walked in they could both still smell the same odour. Again the husband called the front desk and told the manager that the room still smelled really bad. The manager told the man that they would try and find a suite at another hotel. He called every hotel on the strip, but every hotel was sold out because of the convention. The manager told the couple that they couldn’t find them a room anywhere, but they would try and clean the room again. The couple wanted to see the sights and do a little gambling anyway, so they said they would give them two hours to clean and then they would be back.

When the couple had left, the manager and all of housekeeping went to the room to try and find what was making the room smell so bad. They searched the entire room and found nothing, so the maids changed the sheets, changed the towels, took down the curtains and put new ones up, cleaned the carpet and cleaned the suite again using the strongest cleaning products they had. The couple came back two hours later to find the room still had a bad odour. The husband was so angry at this point, he decided to find whatever this smell was himself. So he started tearing the entire suite apart himself. As he pulled the top mattress off the box spring he found a dead body of a woman.”

That's weird!

The most recent story paralleling the Body in the Bed was reported in March, 2010 in Memphis. ABC Eyewitness News reported:

“On March 15th, investigators were called back to room 222 at the Budget Inn, where the body of Sony Millbrook was found under the bed. Police say she was found inside the metal box frame that sits directly on the floor after someone reported smelling a strange odor. The box springs and mattress fit into the top of the bed frame.

Room 222, according to investigators, had been rented 5 times and cleaned many times by the hotel staff since the day Millbrook was reported missing.

Homicide investigators say Millbrook appears to have been murdered.”

Yep, i'm gonna cancel my weekend in the hotel i was going to. Damn.

3.The Clown Statue

This one is specially creepy. It gave me the chills!!!

“I have this friend of a friend who used to babysit as a teenager. Her clients were pretty wealthy and live in this absolutely huge house out near the country, on the outskirts of the town they live in. I think she’s a doctor and he’s a partner at some law firm, so we are talking huge income. It’s really nice out there, peaceful, but a bit out of the way.

The house is a bit ridiculous; an unbelievable number of rooms. You can easily get lost in the place. They’re a bit anal, especially about the house. They have a large number of inherited family heirlooms lying around the place, and the father is quite the ‘no nonsense’ father, if you know what I mean?

Anyway, this one night they go out for some posh-do dinner party and leave this girl to look after the kids. As I said, he’s pretty anal and doesn’t want her wandering around the house where she might damage some antiquated piece of armour or whatever, so he says she has to stay in this one reception room. It has a kitchen attached to it and has this huge screen TV, so it’s fully decked out to keep her entertained.

So they leave and, being a strict household, they soon obediently go to bed. She takes up residence in this specially designated room and starts watching TV, making herself a snack and what not. Before long she starts to feel uncomfortable. There, in the corner of the room, is this ugly, bulky clown statue. It looks like some grotesque antique piece from the 20’s or around that period and it’s all grimy, covered in what looks like oil.

She can’t help getting the feeling it’s watching her. It’s been said that we have this inbuilt ability to sense being watched, but it is not uncommon for it to play tricks on you. She tried to ignore it, but she can’t shake the sense that those eyes are burning into her. In the end she relents and takes her phone to the toilet in the hall outside. In her head she was telling herself that she’s insane, thinking the statue can hear her, what a ridiculous thought, but she leaves anyway.

‘Hey. It’s Sarah. Look, I’m really sorry to call you up like this but that clown statue you have in the reception room, it’s really making me uncomfortable. Would it be ok to move to another room or just stick a blanket over the thing of something?’

After a long pause he replies.

‘Okay Sarah, I need you to get the children from the room, get them into your car and take them to the nearest house. When you are there, call the police.’

I think it’s safe to say after hearing ‘call the police’ you aren’t about to ask questions. She grabbed the kids and ran.

It turns out the kids had complained of a clown had been watching them sleep in their room. The father put it down to silly stories and had basically disregarded what they had said until the babysitter had seen the thing too. Apparently a Psychiatric Unit had closed down recently in the area and not everyone had stable places to go. The story goes that the police seemed to try and hide their concern, though not very well after hearing the mention of a clown costume before heading over to the house. After a thorough search of the building, they failed to find the clown. It turns out that the patient had been treated for vivid and dangerous fantasies prior to release, but had not been able to complete his course before the closure of the unit.

They didn’t catch him.”

This Urban Legend has been haunting babysitters for years now.

4. The Killer in the Back Seat

I know this sounds cheezy and all but wait and read, my friends.

“A woman leaves her work late, realising that she has nothing for breakfast in the morning she stops off at a garage on the way home to pick up some supplies before heading home. The job that the woman does sometimes calls for her to put in long hours of overtime and by the time she leaves work the road is pretty deserted. After a stretch of encountering no cars on the road, a car comes up quite fast behind her. It shines its indicator before starting to pull out from behind her, looking as if it is going to overtake before hitting the breaks and swerving back in behind her.

The driver of the other car starts to flash its lights crazily behind her, dazzling her vision somewhat. In a panic, she starts to speed up. Desperately, she reaches for her phone, but at the speed she’s going she’s scared that she won’t be able to handle the car if she tries to make the call.

The driver behind starts to become more erratic, flashing their lights even more and driving right up behind her. He even ends up bumping her from behind several times, which causes her to lose her phone. She speeds home, jumping every red light, which the car behind does to. Finally reaching her house she springs out of her car and runs for the front door just as the other car come careening into the drive behind her.

Just as she puts her key into the door the driver of the other car screams.

‘For God’s sake, lock the car door!’

Without thinking, she does it. Just as the electronic lock clicks, she sees the face of a man materialise at the window of the back seat, staring intently at her and banging lightly on the window. Later the man who had been following her told the college student that he was flashing his lights every time the man would rise up from the back seat to stab her.”

Holy smokes!!

5. Humans Can Lick Too

This was taken from an e-mail sent in 2001.

“Once there was a beautiful young girl who lived in a small town just south of Farmersburg. Her parents had to go to town for a while, so they left their daughter home alone, but protected by her dog, which was a very large collie. The parents told the girl to lock all the windows and doors after they had left. And at about 8:00pm the parents went to town. So doing what she was told the girl shut and locked every window and every door. But there was one window in the basement that would not close completely.”

“Trying as best as she could she finally got the window shut, but it would not lock. So she left the window, and went back upstairs. But just to make sure that no one could get in, she put the dead-bolt lock on the basement door.”

“Then she sat down had some dinner and decided to go to sleep for the night. Settling down to sleep at about 12:00 she snuggled up with the dog and fell asleep.”

“But at one point, she suddenly woke up. She turned and looked at the clock…it was 2:30. She snuggled down again wondering what had woken her…..when she heard a noise. It was a dripping sound. She thought that she had left the water running, and now it was dripping into the drain of her sink. So thinking it was no big deal she decided to go back to sleep.”

“But she felt nervous so she reached her hand over the edge of her bed, and let the dog lick her hand for reassurance that he would protect her. Again at about 3:45 she woke up hearing dripping. She was slightly angry now but went back to sleep anyway. Again she reached down and let the dog lick her hand. Then she fell back to sleep.”

“At 6:52 the girl decided that she had had enough…she got up just in time to see her parents were pulling up to the house. “Good,” she thought. “Now somebody can fix the sink…’cause I know I didn’t leave it running.” She walked to the bathroom and there was the collie dog, skinned and hung up on the curtain rod. The noise she heard was its blood dripping into a puddle on the floor. The girl screamed and ran to her bedroom to get a weapon, in case someone was still in the house…..and there on the floor, next to her bed she saw a small note, written in blood, saying: HUMANS CAN LICK TOO MY BEAUTIFUL.”

And the e-mail continued...

“Now it is time for you to lock all the windows and doors. This letter is the only chain letter that is true. This did happen many years ago, and the man who killed the dog was never caught. If you delete this letter you will suffer the same fate as the girl in the story did, years after the dog was killed. She was raped and killed in the same town and same house as the dog. Do not dismiss this letter, because if you do, a horrible thing will become of you, everyone will soon know your name. But only because it will be the headline of your local newspaper for a long time. It will read… Small Town Murder On The Loose! You cannot chance your luck on a chain letter so serious as this. Give up your chance to send this letter to 23 people and you will be giving up your chance to live. You were warned. I hope that I will not see any murder stories in the papers anytime soon. And now I bid you a good day. And one more thing… you only have 23 minutes… sorry.”

6.Don't Answer The Phone

"Late one night, a babysitter was by herself downstairs after putting the children to bed. The phone rang, and thinking it might be the children's parents, she answered it.

Instead of identifying himself, the caller merely breathed heavily into the phone for a few moments. She hung up, but the phone rang again. The babysitter answered it, only to hear the same breathing, followed by laughter.

The babysitter was alone in the house with the children and frightened, so she called the operator and asked that the call be traced.

When it rang a third time, she heard the same breathing and laughter before the caller hung up. The operator called back almost immediately, frightening the babysitter by telling her that the call was coming from inside the house.

The babysitter ran out, while the operator called the police. When they arrived, they discovered that a man had murdered the children and was waiting to murder the babysitter if she came upstairs."

There's actually a whole bunch of movies based in this story.

7.Resurrection Mary

Resurrection Mary walks up and down the streets past graveyards all over the United States in her prom dress seeking a ride home.

The original Resurrection Mary Legend originated in Chicago. In the 1930s, a number of motorists driving down Archer Avenue passed by Resurrection Cemetery and claimed that a young woman jumped onto the running boards of their cars, only to vanish as abruptly as she had appeared.

There is a good chance that the legend arose from a real tale of a young woman from the 1930s who had been dancing with a boyfriend at a nearby Chicago ballroom. Unfortunately, the boyfriend was being a boor, so the young woman decided she'd rather brave a walk home in the cold and dark rather than spend another minute with the lout. She was struck by a vehicle and killed while walking along Chicago's Archer Avenue. According to the legend, she was buried in the Resurrection Cemetery in a white dress and dancing shoes. Shortly after the event, reports of her ghostly appearance to passing motorists began to surface.

Resurrection Mary sightings in Chicago continue to this day, leading some to believe that Mary is, indeed, a ghost that walks outside of the Resurrection Cemetery. The story of Mary is a tale told now as an urban legend - happening to a friend of a friend driving along an unnamed dark road near an unnamed cemetery.

It would be really creepy to run into her.

8.The Small Woman in Grey

This is quite a beautiful story.

"This story is centered on a general store in a small town. Two gentlemen who ran the store one day had the monotony of their daily chores interrupted by a woman who, dressed all in grey, entered the store, picked up a glass container of milk from the dairy case, and then promptly walked out the door. Frozen for a few moments by the audacity of this woman, the two men finally collected their wits and dashed out the door after her, but she was already gone. Two days later, the incident occurred a second time.

The third time, the men were prepared. When she entered the store, they watched as she picked up the container of milk and again walked out the door. This time they raced after her, chased her down the street, and finally down a dirt path at the edge of town where they lost sight of her. However, upon further exploration, the two men discovered an old cemetery where they could hear a baby's cry coming from the ground in front of a gravestone and a fresh grave site of a mother and infant who were recently buried together. The men found shovels and quickly unburied the coffin, the crying becoming more clear as they dug. Finally, opening the coffin, they discovered the same small woman in grey they had spotted in the store, only here she was dead. In her arms were a live, crying infant and three empty containers of milk. The child was inadvertently buried alive, and the spirit of the mother had kept the baby alive for several days until she was found."

Real or not this is a beautiful story.

9.Cow Head

"One of the scariest Japanese urban legends is that of a horrific story called "Cow Head". The tale is supposedly so terrifying that many people die of fright after hearing it. The Japanese say that the story originated in the seventeenth century, but to this day, the actual origin of the story is a mystery. In one account, a school teacher and his unruly class were traveling by bus while on a school trip. To calm down his class, the teacher began telling them scary stories. When he began telling a story called Cow Head, the students started screaming and begging him to stop, but by this time the teacher was in a trance and was unable to stop telling the story. When he awoke from his trance-like state, the busload of children had fainted and were foaming at the mouth, and the driver was slumped over in his seat, shivering and sweating. Rumors state that upon hearing the story, the listeners are overcome with fear so great that they tremble violently for days until they finally die from fright."

I wont share this the real story because i don't wanna cause anyone's death, ok?

10. Robert the Haunted Doll

"While ghosts are known to possess people, this scary true ghost story is about a possessed doll. In 1897, the Otto family owned a plantation in Key West, Florida. One of the plantation's servant girls offered the family's son, Robert Eugene Otto, a doll as a gift. Local historians suspect that she practiced voodoo, and that the doll she offered young Robert was cursed.

Once Robert brought the doll into the house, neighbors reported seeing the doll moving from window to window when the family wasn't home. The family could hear the doll giggling and running throughout the house at night. Robert's parents would find his bedroom ransacked, and young Robert reported that the doll did it.

Robert kept the cursed doll through the years. In fact, he became attached to it, and spent countless hours locked in his room talking to the doll. Years later, when he married a woman named Anne, he still had the doll. Anne hated the doll, and in time forced Robert to place the doll in the attic. Before long, Robert brought the doll back down to a top floor room with a view. Neighborhood children reported seeing the doll moving in front of the window.

Skeptics might conclude that Robert himself was insane. However, after Robert Otto died, Anne left the home and leased it, but stipulated on the lease that the doll named "Robert" must remain alone in the attic. Families who leased the home reported hearing the ghost-possessed doll running back and forth in the attic as well as the sound of giggling. When they would check the attic, the doll had changed positions.

Once Anne died, the doll was removed from the home and placed in the East Martello Museum where he still resides today. Museum staff and visitors continue to report a great deal of paranormal activity surrounding "Robert" the doll."

I'm never going back to Toys r' Us!!

11. The Haunted Ebay Painting

"In February of 2000, a California couple posted a unique painting on Ebay. The painting was reportedly discovered abandoned behind an old brewery. The couple reported that their daughter saw the ghostly children leaving the painting during the night. The husband, quite alarmed by his daughter's story, decided to set up a camera. The couple claimed that they successfully captured two pictures of the boy exiting the painting. Even more scary than the imagery within the painting was the public reaction to the photos. After more than thirteen thousand Ebay members viewed the picture, the following reactions were reported to the winning bidder: People claimed they were "repulsed". Several people became physically ill. Some people reported blackouts. One user reported hearing a voice, and feeling a blast of hot air. Two friends started crying unexplainably and praying for a minute until things returned to normal. One Native American became ill, and was forced to purge his house of unclean spirits with white sage.

The winning bidder discovered that the title of the painting was Hands Resist Him, and it was signed by artist Bill Stoneham.

The winning bidder claimed that no paranormal activity came with the painting, and the original sellers were never identified. However, whether the painting is cursed remains a topic of debate. The artist later reported that the owner of the gallery where the painting was displayed and the L.A. Times critic who wrote the show review were both dead within a year of the show. Coincidence? Only view the photos if you are certain that you are not easily "spooked" or disturbed by surreal or psychologically uncomfortable images."

So it's obvious why i wont show them here.

And i think it's enough for now right? Maybe i'll make one more later, if i get positive feedback. Tell us wich one scared you the most.


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