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Disney invented the animated feature film, so it really shouldn't be surprising that the groundbreaking company came up with some pretty weird creations in their formative years.

One of the strangest ones I have discovered on my internet adventures is a 1943 educational movie that pits the seven dwarfs against the world's biggest killers: The mosquito.

The surprisingly informative movie (just ignore the bits where they douse freshwater streams with chemicals!) shows viewers how to eradicate mosquitos in an engaging way that probably helped save thousands of people from contracting malaria.

So, if you thought you'd never hear the line "that-a-boy Dopey, kill her good and dead," today is the day that I prove you wrong. Enjoy!

Strong Title Game

Walt definitely isn't looking to spare his enemy's feelings!

A Formidable Foe

Ummm I think I'd prefer dead, thanks.

When Nature Get's Nasty

Not even Disney can make a malaria filled mosquito gobbling blood look cute.

A Disease of Epic Proportions, Literally

Along with destroying the lives of individuals, malaria can desolate entire communities by making their inhabitants too sick to work. A depressing image wrought large in true Disney style.

Pocket Pest Control

But don't worry, Disney has enlisted the help of some unlikely heroes to help battle this colossal foe.

Doing a good job

The dwarfs battle the elements to destroy the mosquitos' watery breeding sites and eradicate the disease from their woodland glade.

Don't Try This at Home

If you're easily impressionable, please please don't start pouring oil into the water. Times have changed since 1943, back then they even thought smoking was good for you.

Dopey Gets Mad...and Even

Who knew Dopey was a killer at heart?

With a Little Help from My Friends

Clearly the mosquitos aren't winning any popularity contests with the other woodland creatures...

A Hard Earned Rest

After a furious battle, the seven dwarfs bed down in their mosquito-proof room for the night.

Check out the surprisingly informative and utterly bizarre Disney movie in all it's glory below:

(Cover Image: Jeffery Thomas)

(Source: YouTube)


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