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The city of Vancouver might soon go into lockdown as the zombies assemble for the start of production on Season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead!

To celebrate the brand new companion series to The Walking Dead beginning production, AMC has released a one-minute long behind-the-scenes clip which contains interviews from the creator Robert Kirkman, executive producers Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero, and Dave Erickson. Take a look to hear some of the hype from the team, and also to take your first glimpse at some of the settings and characters we'll soon be properly introduced to through the series:

That certainly got my attention! Did you spot anything exciting? I know I did! Here're a couple of the more exciting bits I immediately want to see more footage of:

Hospital corridors

It definitely looks like Robert Kirkman is standing in some sort of hospital corridor, which I'm guessing will be a pretty big setting for at least a few episodes of Season 1 when we see the whole outbreak unfold. I have no doubt we'll see a lot of baffled medical professionals in those hallways as whatever causes humans to zombify brings up more questions than it answers.

Same room, different people

I couldn't help but notice that this room that Greg Nicotero was in looked a lot like the room that two of the main characters from the show, Sean Cabrera and Nancy Tompkins, were standing in for a promo shot released earlier in the year:

What do you think they're doing, and where do you think it could be?

Back to (zombie) school

Both Nancy Tompkins and Sean Cabrera are confirmed as characters who work at a school in Los Angeles, and this shot from near the end of the promo looks like it might be from a scene shot in the school. The flags over a counter and the picture of Anne Frank to the left all look like something straight out of a high school, do you agree?

Fear the Walking Dead doesn't yet seem to have a confirmed premier date, though we do know it will be sometime over the summer. There have been many rumors of when the premier might be, however with production only getting started, it unfortunately may be a little later on than us dead-heads would like, perhaps in July, or most likely August.

Until Fear the Walking Dead does begin, we'll just have to hope that AMC keeps releasing more and more behind- the-scenes clips to get us excited - or better yet, another promo clip!

Take a second look at that first promo for Fear the Walking Dead:

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