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With the recent news that we've had our new Pennywise AND our new Leatherface cast - Will Poulter and Sam Strike respectively - I've been thinking about which other classic horror icons will be next for the reboot treatment.

Casting any roles as well-loved as Freddy, Jason and Michael will never please everyone, but a horror fan's gotta try, right? Check out these horror icon castings - I followed the Poulter-as-Pennywise trend of picking someone young (a fresh face for a fresh reboot?) - and see if you agree!

The Brute Force Slashers

1. Jason Voorhees - Beau Mirchoff

Why he'd work: Jason is a rampaging force of nature, and as such has the most room for character development. He's the least 'charismatic' of the classic killers; no quips, jokes or emotional depth, and a solid performer like Beau could rock it. Oh, and he was actually born on Friday 13th!

See him in: I Am Number Four, Awkward, Desperate Housewives

2. Michael Myers - Alexander Ludwig

Why he'd work: Michael is a physically imposing killer, and Ludwig packs an impressively stocky 6"2. He also has the kind of rugged good looks that could play brutish strength effectively.

See him in: The Hunger Games, Vikings

The 'Magic' Slashers

3. Candyman - Mehcad Brooks

Why he'd work: There's a calm and dignity to Candyman, and Mehcad's natural poise and good looks would work well in the role. He's also not super-famous, so he could really make the role his own. Personally, Candyman is the classic horror movie I'd be most interested to see remade, because it's such a complex, subversive and intelligent movie.

See him in: True Blood, About Last Night

4. Freddy Krueger - Stephen Anthony Lawrence

Why he'd work: Stephen's a good comedy actor, and it'd be awesome to see him in a horror role. Like the great Robin Williams in One Hour Photo or Jim Carrey in 23, sometimes seeing our comforting comedy heroes turn bad is the most frightening of all...

See him in: Cheaper by the Dozen, Kicking & Screaming, Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat

The Clever Slashers

5. Hannibal Lecter - Paul Dano

Why he'd work: He can handle serious drama and bring some creepiness despite his handsomeness (see Prisoners!) and most importantly, he seems pretty smart! Whether he's using his brains or serving them for dinner, this intelligence and fiendish charisma is the most important aspect of any Hannibal.

See him in: Little Miss Sunshine, Looper, Prisoners

6. Jigsaw - Max Thieriot

Why he'd work: he did creepy very well alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the critically-panned House at the End of the Street, and his petite features certainly bear some resemblance to Jigsaw himself, no?

See him in: House at the End of the Street, Bates Motel, Jumper


Which classic horror icon would you like to see rebooted next?

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