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J.K. Rowling has said many times that she won't write any more Harry Potter stories - well, apart from that exciting little Twitter slip-up last year! - but what's to stop her continuing the Potterverse in another era?

The fan favorite for another in-world Harry Potter series would surely be a set of books and/or movies about the Marauders - Harry's father and his friends at school.

I mean, at least then we'd get to erase THIS as our memory of Sirius...

The fan casting and fan art game is strong for bringing Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs to life, and during my web-travels I came across a pretty cool concept: Gender Swapped Marauders fan art!

Check it out!

By the Power of Three times Three...

The super-talented Viria has a pretty good idea of how the girls would look, creating a delicate, semi-Disneyfied vision of the Marauders gender-swapped into just about the cutest A.U. Potter fans could dream of...

I love how her girl Sirius (Siria?) is the hot troublemaker, while Jamie Potter and Rema Lupin are scruffy little schoolgirls.

Boy Lily and Girl James

In a word: CUTE. From Viria again, this proves that boy Lily Evans would actually be the cutest redheaded guy to ever grace the planet.

Gender Swap Snily

Viria's vision of girl Snape and a delicate, almost elven boy Lily is kinda heartbreaking.

Rema, Jamie and Siria from Cylindric

Foxy scarred-up girl Lupin is definitely working here, while female Sirius is exuding Jane-from-Daria style effortless cool.

The Marauders from Maaria

Again, sexy Siria is leading the pack. Interesting to see a rare gender-swap Peter Pettigrew here, as - in their own words - most artists generally 'can't be bothered' to draw Pettigrew as he's such a douchey downer.

Work your star Quidditch status, girl!

Artist burdge playfully taps into the fact that James Potter was kind of a jerk in high school, and his female alternate U. persona would have been no different!


Who would be the hottest gender swapped marauder?

Source: DeviantArt


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