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Kit Simpson Browne

Now, there haven't been too many better pieces of superhero-related news in the past few weeks than the renewal of Marvel's Agent Carter by ABC. Sure, Avengers: Age of Ultron being awesome was great and all - but we all pretty much expected that. Daredevil's recent renewal by Netflix was much the same - as was our first look at the members of DC's new Suicide Squad. It's all fantastic, but we knew it'd be along sooner or later.

Agent Carter, on the other hand, could very easily have gone quietly into that good night, canceled - despite its fan popularity and acclaim - due to relatively average actual ratings.

Thankfully, though, it will now be returning for a second season, and the show's official Twitter page has celebrated with a cheeky tease of the (as-yet un-filmed) Season 2:

Which, seeing as what we've seen so far of the show has been so noticeably awesome - but with a whole lot of space open in which to grow into something downright special...'s great to be reminded that Peggy is, indeed, back to work.

What do you reckon, though?



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