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In just two days, Elena Gilbert will leave our lives forever, but we are still none the wiser about whether she will walk out or be lowered into the earth in a box.

While the brand new promo for the episode doesn't give much away about Elena's ultimate fate, it will drag you on a whirlwind emotional rollercoaster through her turbulent life and epic loves.

We get to see...

The iconic graveyard scene where we first fell in love with her

The first time she literally bumped into Stefan in high school...

...And the beautiful romance that came afterwards

When she first learned that Stefan was a vampire...or that vampires existed at all

That time she first stared into Damon's baby blues...

...and the inevitable happened

and let's not forget her lifelong friendship with Bonnie

The times she comforted Caroline through darkness

..and of course, her unbreakable bond with her last surviving kin, Jeremy

I won't go into what happens at the end of the trailer, all I'm going to say is get the tissues at the ready because this one is a real tear-jerker. I miss her so much already:

I can't decide if I can't wait for Thursday, or if I don't want it to ever come!

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