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Birth Name: Darlen Diath

Father: Olren Diath

Mother: Helian Calimondra

Siblings: Reylandra Diath

Birthplace: Jakku

Darlen’s father, an Imperial Stormtrooper, died in the Battle of Jakku when Darlen was only three and his mother was still pregnant with her second child. Helian took Darlen and fled to a refugee camp east of the city. Darlen’s sister Reylandra was born in the refugee camp. Life was hard in the refugee camps, there was never enough food or water, and relief ships were often prevented from bringing in aid when the Alliance government wanted to flush out fugitives who were hidden amongst the refugees as a way to force the refugees to reveal where the fugitives were hiding. Life was hard for the family, but they had each other, and Helian always managed to find a way to get them by.

When Darlen was nine, a group of Imperial sympathizers hid in the camp. Alliance troopers cornered them and opened fire killing all of the rebels and dozens of refugees as well. Helian was one of the refugees killed, leaving Darlen to care for his four-year-old sister alone. He learned to fight and steal, often using his budding control of the force to aid him.

One day as Darlen was out foraging, Reylandra got frightened and went to look for him. She encountered a group of scavengers. After asking her where her parents were, she told them her parents were dead and her brother was gone, so the scavengers took her with them to raise as their own. Darlen searched for months, but found no sign. All Darlen had left was memories of his family and a sure knowledge that the Alliance was responsible for everything that had happened to him.

Several days later, Darlen was in the marketplace looking for food when he came upon a tent selling salvaged tech. He wandered through out of curiosity, marveling at all the starship parts and various oddments, but what really caught his eye was a small disc that projected the image of a man clad all in black, wearing a black helmet, and a sweeping, black cloak. Lord Vader! Darlen would know that image anywhere, an identical image sat in a niche in his home before the Alliance took everything from him. He glanced around carefully to be sure no one was looking, then used the force to draw it to him before stashing it in his satchel and leaving the tent with his prize safely hidden.

Darlen was a ragged, dirty creature by the age of twelve. He spent much of his time practicing his special powers and stealing whatever he wanted. If he got caught, he could convince people with a mere suggestion that they were mistaken, someone else had taken the item, it was not him. The other children avoided him because he was unnecessarily cruel and bad things always happened to people when Darlen was around. He was unnerving, the other refugees didn’t like him, and they began to refer to him as Kylo Ren which means unwanted or outsider.

That year a spy from the First Order came to the refugee camp to hide after a mission and await extraction. He chanced to see Ren steal some food and get caught. He watched more out of boredom, but when the boy said, “I did not steal anything.” And the shopkeeper replied “You did not steal anything.” The spy knew he had to bring the boy with him.

The spy tracked the boy to his lair and cornered him. He told Ren that he would take him off-world to join the First Order, the remnants of the Galactic Empire, he explained. Ren agreed wholeheartedly, anything was better than here. Thus began his true journey. He kept the name the refugees gave him as a reminder of where he came from and how much he had lost. He would make the Alliance pay for his suffering, all of it.


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