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Mallrats was released in October of 1995, and just 5 months shy of the film's 20th anniversary, writer/director Kevin Smith droped some pretty large bombshells regarding its sequel via social media. The first bombshell is a name change. When he put out the sequel to 1994's Clerks in 2006, he went the basic route and called it Clerks II, but this is not the case with the Mallrats sequel. Smith has gone a more creative route and is calling the sequel MallBrats.

Smith shared the above picture on his Facebook account accompanied by this,


20 years in the making. 113 pages fulla old friends, new jokes and a bloody battle with Stan Lee! This is for you, Jim. Wish you were here... ‪#‎MallBrats‬

Smith is referencing producer James Jacks who passed away in January of 2014. Before he had a first draft of the script and a new title chosen, he began making cast announcements, and there will be some very familiar faces at the mall along with a few new ones.

Jeremy London

When we left off, T.S. was marrying the lovely Brandy Svenning at Universal Studios, where Jaws pops out of the water. Happily married, T.S. and Brandy now have a son which they named P.S. Quint.

Claire Forlani

Reprising her role as T.S.' love interest and daughter of the jerky Mr. Svenning, Claire Forlani is returning as Brandy Svenning.

Jason Lee

Pro skateboarder turned actor, Jason Lee has had a pretty successful acting career. He has been in blockbusters like Alvin and the Chipmunks and the star of the TV series My Name Is Earl. Jason Lee is returning to the mall as T.S.' comic book obsessed best friend Brodie Bruce. I wonder if he will have a bigger cup for his Coke this time.

Shannen Doherty

The ice queen of the mall, Shannen Doherty is returning as Brodie's love interest, Rene. When we left off, Brodie and Rene had reunited. In MallBrats, Brodie and Rene are married and have a son name Banner Bruce, yes like Bruce Banner, The Incredible Hulk.

Joey Lauren Adams

Who could forget Gwen? Joey Lauren Adams and her unique voice are returning to the mall. I wonder if she will actually be able to use the dressing rooms without Silent Bob interrupting her this time.

Renee Humphrey

The youngest mallrat that made sex a career, Renee Humphrey, returning as Trish "The Dish," is coming back. When we left off, Trish was a successful author at only 15 with her book on the study of the male sex drive, Boregasm, and she was getting cozy with the mall's toughest security guard, LaFours.

Sven-Ole Thorsen

Who could forget LaFours? The toughest security guard in mall history, he even has two kills. Sven-Ole Thorsen will be reprising his role.

Walt Flanagan and Bryan Johnson

"Tell 'em Steve Dave" is perhaps the most quoted line from Mallrats and even spawned a podcast by the same name. Everyone remembers the scene where Brodie got more than upset when he discovered a long line at his favorite comic shop and the encounter between Brodie, T.S., The Fanboy and Steve Dave. Walt and Bryan are headed back to the mall.

Ethan Suplee

Willam finally got to see the sailboat at the end of Mallrats, he uttered the line "Brenda" when Shannen Doherty's Rene ran up to him, and had the sloppiest attire of the whole cast. Ethan Suplee will be packing another lunch and heading back to the mall as Willam.

Brian O'Halloran

Gil Hicks, the overly curious, good boy contestant on Mr. Svenning's game show will be making a triumphant return. I wonder if all of his questions have been answered and who's sex life he will be curious about this time around.

Last but certainly not least.....

Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Michael Rooker and Stan Lee

Jay, Silent Bob, Mr. Svenning and Stan Lee are returning to the mall. When we left this group, Jay and Silent Bob had an orangutan and were headed off for new shenanigans, Mr. Svenning received a demotion and Stan Lee was still awesome. Have Jay and Bob grown up? Will Bob no longer be silent? Has Mr. Svenning learned to get along with T.S. and does he still love chocolate covered pretzels? Will Stan Lee still be giving love advice and causing chaos at the local comic shop? All will be answered soon in MallBrats.

To stay up to date with the progress of MallBrats and the developing Clerks III, be sure to like Kevin Smith's Official Facebook page and follow him on twitter, @ThatKevinSmith.


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