ByMurtaza Hasnain Badri, writer at
I've watched every episode of the flash series uptil now.

The facebook page of Flash recently posted a photo of Arrow, Firestrom and The Flash teaming up against the Reverse flash. Well according to me in episode 22 Barry should go to Cold to ask for help as they showed it in the trailer before but if you see that picture it is written "Tommorow" with the picture of the trio. Now we can't really interpret that if it's a hoax or what from the creators of the show. The trailer that was uploaded a few days back showed Barry asking for help to cold and he agrees to help him but Wells realeses all the Meta humans in the pipeline and uses them as backup while he fights with The Flash. Well the Flash also hasn't dealt with Grodd yet becuase in the last episode in the end Grodd jumps to kill Barry and the episode ends with a small clip showing Wells in a huge place and saying "It's time to go home...." Now we cant really say that how much will be covered in the last 2 episodes of the flash.

The 22nd episode of the Flash airs tommorow at 8/7 central on The CW.


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