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*Warning: This article is NSFW*

Sometimes, when you're with your girl or guy, you're feeling good about each other and the mood strikes. It can really quickly escalate to that point where you simply have to get a little down and dirty. It isn't always easy to find the most opportune place to engage in sexual activity though. In these movie clips, we've got some characters who did the dirty deed in some pretty naughty locations.

In these movie clips, you'll find the weirdest, and sometimes most public places that people had sex on screen.

Check 'em out!

1. Jude Law and Rachel Weisz sex scene in Enemy at the Gates

They have sex in front of a ton of other soldiers, discreetly, and it is extremely hot! It is literally dirty in there and I'm sure it smells bad... the passion is too real in this one, and this scene will go down in history as one of the steamiest. Not due to the sex necessarily, or the nudity, rather... due to the fact that it's much more risky than most sex scenes you typically see.

2. Final Destination 4 sex scene

This scene is hilarious. It's in a bungalow at a pool, and surely they can be heard. It's a pretty comedic scene though, with the dude basically being a lazy and selfish sex partner. "Don't be lazy," he yells to the girl who's doing all of the work and never gets to orgasm. The two walk off back to the pool and rejoin the people tanning and swimming so seamlessly.

3. Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg, fingering on roller coaster in Fear

This isn't necessarily sex, but fingering somebody on a roller coaster definitely qualifies as naughty and intensely inappropriate. I guess it would probably be exhilarating as well. It's definitely a public place and I'd assume it's frowned upon at the majority of amusement parks worldwide.

4. Jack and Rose had sex in somebody's car... on the Titanic

I saw this with my grandma back in the '90s and she had to cover my eyes during this part so I haven't even seen this scene until just now writing this. Just kidding! But yeah, this is one of the most classic sex scenes of all time. It's especially classic because they really steamed up whoever's car that was. And I hope they cleaned up afterwards... James Cameron didn't really go into the logistical details of this. Why didn't they lock their car? Etc...

5. Absolutely ridiculous sex scene from Crank 2 with Jason Statham

This scene is absolutely ridiculous, but that shouldn't be surprising simply due to the fact that this entire movie is ridiculous. From the premise to the acting, Crank 2 is insane. But that's because it's a Jason Statham movie. I don't think Jason Statham is capable of doing anything other than the most insane, badass, over-the-top roles. And this sex scene in the middle of a crowded marketplace is just what the doctor ordered for this surprisingly decent film.


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