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I would really like to know who in the hell was behind the promotion and release of this film. One would think that a film that turned out such extraordinary performances by Jennifer Hudson, Anthony Mackie, Jeffrey Wright and Jordin Sparks, would have had better promotion and certainly a wider theatrical release. In fact the only way that I even heard of this movie was when Anthony Mackie would casually mention it while promoting "Pain and Gain". Enough pissing and moaning about promotion (or serious lack there of) , let me tell you about this movie...

13-year-old Mister’s (Skylan Brooks) heroine addicted mother (Hudson) is arrested, leaving him and nine-year-old Pete (Ethan Dizon) alone in the Brooklyn projects with a limited supply of food, no money and the looming threat of both children's services and criminal elements within the neighborhood. Mister uses street smarts and charisma to keep himself and Pete alive as well as pursue his dream of becoming an actor , while facing one obstacle after another.

The highlight of this movie for me was the amazing performances given by Skylan Brooks and Ethan Dizon, who were 12 and eight respectively when this movie was filmed. Each child was making his acting debut, but one would never tell by the powerhouse performances that they delivered. Jennifer Hudson gives an Oscar worthy portrayal of Mister's mother, a drug addicted prostitute. She does not have a lot of screen time in this movies , but she manages to evoke both anger and sympathy from the viewer with her performance.

This movie is now available on Netflix and the DVD can be purchased for a relatively low price a Do yourself a favor and check out this incredible movie.


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