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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Catherine Tate!

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Born Catherine Ford, Catherine Tate was born in Bloomsbury, London on 12th of May 1968.

Tate spent a year with the Royal Shakespeare Company and also performed at the National Theatre with her first role in 1996 in The Way of the World and has performed countless times on the stage, most recently this year in The Vote.

In 1996, Tate left the stage and started stand-up comedy, appearing on The Harry Hill Show, Barking and That Peter Kay Thing.

Catherine Tate started her movie career in 2006 in Love and Other Disasters before going on to star in Starter for 10, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Mrs. Ratcliffe's Revolution, Gulliver's Travels, Monte Carlo, and Khumba.

Catherine Tate in Gulliver's Travels.
Catherine Tate in Gulliver's Travels.

Tate's television career started in 1991 on Surgical Spirit before going on to star in The Bill (playing three different characters from 1993-1997), Attention Scum, Big Train, Wild West, Agatha Christie's Marple, Bleak House, The Office (US) and Big School.

Catherine Tate in The Office.
Catherine Tate in The Office.
"Catherine Tate is far too talented and she must be destroyed."

says Dawn French about her Wild West co-star.

Dawn French and Catherine Tate.
Dawn French and Catherine Tate.

Now here are my Top 2 Catherine Tate roles (if you hadn't guessed by the titles omitted from the above lists!).


I first discovered the Catherine Tate show on YouTube with the below clip.

Then I just kept watching more and more before I caved and bought the complete box set from Amazon UK and it's all just brilliant.

Nearly every episode and special was like spot the celeb with guest stars like Lenny Henry, Philip Glenister, Daniel Craig, Tony Blair, Dominic West, Michelle Fairley, Colin Morgan, David Tennant, and Tom Ellis.

I can definitely see why this show and Catherine Tate herself were nominated for so many awards, including four BAFTA Awards.

DOCTOR WHO (2006-2010)

I was a couple of years late but when I did watch it, I liked it, but it wasn't until Donna Noble graced my screen that I loved it!

For me, it was refreshing to have someone not be in love with The Doctor, they were just good mates travelling around the universe, and to also have someone who wasn't afraid to tell him to pull his head out of his arse.

Catherine Tate and David Tennant have great chemistry together, which translated to the screen and obviously they themselves enjoyed working together considering the amount of things they've worked together on since.

The fourth series is my favourite, from the foreshadowing, to the what if episode 'Turn Left' and then the epic finale, where the previous companions come back, and then that sad ending of Donna's story.

I loved the Tenth Doctor, the companion and the story so much that I haven't watched anything after the David Tennant specials.

The cast of Doctor Who.
The cast of Doctor Who.

What's your favourite Catherine Tate performance? Let me know in the comments below!


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