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With two big projects under his belt (Gotham,The Giver) Cameron Monaghan is truly making a splash on the scene. My first exposure to this brilliant actor was his performance on the hit TV show "Gotham". He plays a character named Jerome which many fans believe to be the new incarnation of the Joker. The way he commands his role, shows that he has a lot more where that came from. His most famous scene has to be when Gordon is questioning him, and he finally breaks. Lets take a look at that footage:

And before his role as Jerome on Gotham he play Ian Gallagher on "Shameless". Portraying a young homosexual man who is trying to understand himself and his crazy family. For being such a young actor playing the role, he really nailed it. Cameron Monaghan has some amazing acting chops and I can only see him going on to bigger and better things. He recently was in the movie "The Giver" in which he played a drone pilot who was best friends with the "receiver of knowledge" the main protagonist of the movie. He may not get to shine in that movie but he plays his character very well. Cameron Monaghan is someone who can play the lead or rock the background.

Here is some footage from Shameless:

Cameron Monaghan is truly a rising star, and with more opportunities he could be shaping up to be the next huge star in Hollywood. And us fans patiently wait to see if he truly becomes the Joker. Because with that maniacal laugh, how could he not be. From Ian Gallagher to Asher to the Joker, Cameron Monaghan can do it all.


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