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There's nothing like spending an evening watching a film with the director's commentary, learning all the tricks of the trades and the behind-the-scenes trivia that makes you feel as if you were right on set with the cast and crew.

It should come with no surprise then that fans of the 2013 Carrie remake are craving an extended Director's Cut to be released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Check out the trailer below:

According to many people who attended the first test screenings of Carrie, the final version released in theaters differs immensely from the earlier versions.

It seems as though director Kimberly Peirce had kept the story very close to the original and even included a lot more violence in the film, but studios cut out about 40-45 minutes of footage that included more character development and gore.

If you are also passionate about watching Carrie the way it was supposed to be, then feel free to click here and sign the petition.

C'mon studios! Give us the original cut of the film. Or we'll use our telekinesis powers to get it in our hands at any cost!

[Source: Horror Movies, CA]


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