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Tags are a simple way to tell readers what your post is about. Readers can search tags on MP for topics that they’re interested in.

Before you hit ‘Publish,’ add 3 to 10 tags at the bottom of the post editor to help us categorize your post. Is it a quiz? Is it about Batman? Suggested tags will automatically pop-up from our Moviepilot database.

Sometimes, what you want to tag won’t show up. Don’t stress! A related topic will exist. For better search results, our database is trimmed to only include the most relevant tags. Actors, most characters, and older titles are all left out. But that doesn't mean you can't write about them -- we simply can’t have a tag page for every single topic.

Once your post is live on Moviepilot, you’ll see the tags at the bottom. Click one to see everything that’s been written about that particular topic. And follow a tag to stay tuned in on that subject.


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