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12. Peter Benchley, who wrote the book, went on to become and activist for sharks and the ocean.

11. The shark had nicknames besides Bruce because of its mechanical problems. They also called in Flaws. The shark problems are the reason the suspense in the film is so great because they had to film without the shark.

10. Robert Shaw's "Indianapolis Monologue" had to be re shot because he tried to do it drunk the first time. The actor also wrote it himself.

9. Roy Scheider improved the film's most famous line, "You're going to need a bigger boat."

8. Robert Shaw had to leave the country after filming was done each day/night do to troubles with the IRS.

7. Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss did not get along in real life which fueled their tension in the film.

6. Chrissie, the first attack victim, received real injuries from the mechanics used to drag her back and forth through the water during her death scene. The actress was a stunt woman, not an actress.

5. A replica of Ben Gardner's head was made and placed in the Governor's aquarium of zombie heads in "The Walking Dead" because Gregory Nicotero, who does makeup and special effects, is a huge fan.

4. They placed a midget in the shark cage during scenes where Brody went down to get the sharks to look bigger. They had to do this because real sharks don't get as big as the one in "Jaws".

3. If you look closely at the boat during the night scenes, a real shooting star can be seen.

2. The shark killed early in the film had to be brought in from Florida because there were no sharks big enough in Martha's Vineyard to play the part.

1. The town where "Jaws" was filmed once tried to separate itself from the summer blockbuster but now they embrace it with full tours and merchandise.



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