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Now I know that Marvel's Civil War is still a ways away, but that cannot stop us from speculating. For the longest time Tony Stark has been the poster boy for Marvel in both number of films as well as in salary. He has made the Forbes list for highest paid actor twice! (Both times at the top). But now Marvel has decided to change it up, and they have done it brilliantly.

First off, Marvel has made Captain America into a superstar, and even though he didn't have as much screen time in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) as I would have liked, he is still a fan favorite. People find him relatable, he's at a constant struggle with himself on a number of different issues. One of them, as Ultron infamously quoted, was if he could ever really move away from the war.

This sets up Cap beautifully for Civil War since it will go deeper into these issues, and Cap will fight for what he believes in, which is the fact that heroes should not register with the government.

Now let's look at the relationship between Tony and Steve. There is constant friction between the two. Both of them are natural leaders, yet they are so different. That is bound to cause trouble. We've seen some great arguments between the two. The two that come to mind most are of course in the first movie: the argument that took place on the helicarrier, and the second that took place on the farm when they were chopping wood.

It all leads back to one thing, and that is both of these guys constantly struggle. Captain's within himself, and Tony's to end the fight.

Tony wants peace, and he will go to great lengths to achieve it, as you saw in Age of Ultron.

Tony was different there, he had much more depth. That laugh when he was accused of creating Ultron without discussing it with the team. That was scary good acting by RDJ. So we do know he can pull it off.

But let's look at the important stuff...

Why is Tony so in favor of Pro-Registration?

It's simple, because of Ultron. A whole country crashed and burned because of him, and he needs to fix it. He is no longer the playboy carefree person we have known him to be in the past. This guy carries a lot of weight and baggage. We might even see a few flashbacks of Ultron taunting him in Civil War? (Great way to bring Spader back eh?). Stark wants to end the fight and go home and that is why he will do this.

However, don't for a second think that Tony will be the evil guy in the movie. This will be Marvel's most layered and complex movie to date. There will be no clear cut good side bad side, just a lot of gray. This film will feature both guys, and I believe the audience just like the heroes will choose who they want to side with.

Tony Stark's evolution has been massive. All the way from the first movie till now. He is no longer that party animal that people know him to be. He is now responsible for the death of hundreds of people as well as a fellow Avenger. He will carry all that weight into [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), and further explore it.

This movie is going to be insane.

I don't think any side is going to win, or if they do I don't think they would feel like winners. They're will be a lot of remorse, and again this movie will go into that grew area. That is what makes it such a popular storyline, because it puts Marvel's top guys in a brawl over the things they believe in. RDJ is not a villain in this movie, and I doubt the directors (or the directors) in this case will ever let that happen. Cap is not the hero either. It is simply one side versus the other.

Catch it in cinemas 2016.


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