ByJon Gudmundsson, writer at

We've all had this question.. "What's your favourite Genre" or "what type of film should we watch" or even "what's your 'go to' film?".

I always struggle when I get this question, I love them all! Give me anything from a 'RomCom' to a sci-fi thriller, gory horror or a true story drama! I never know what to watch, and I particularly struggle if I'm with a crush, and we're trying to choose a film to watch. Sitting on your sofa with Netflix in front of you or awkwardly standing in front of your DVD collection, giggling nervously, grabbing a random film (which usually ends up being the worst film in history) in a desperate plea to look assertive... This will probably end up by either one of us (or both) hating the film because ... I don't know, because of... Fate? (This has happened too many times for my liking!)

See, being obsessed with planning as I am... If I'm not just going to watch a film on my own, whether it's a date, crush, friends or family that will be watching with me, I've started to create a list in advance by genre. I know.. it's sounds pretty sad doesn't it? However, in the end of the day, You'll have at least 2-3 masterpieces, per genre, ready to go... I'd be impressed. Knowing my luck though.. the film will be rubbish.

Am I the only one who has this struggle? Am I the only one who's absolutely mortified when someone says.. "you choose the film"

Now, I'm curious, dear reader. What would you say your favorite genre is, and what is your favourite film? Discuss.


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