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As Tumblr roleplay grows in popularity, people search for the perfect face claims that will allow their characters to age with an unnatural grace. Celebrity doppelgangers become more and more fascinating as the mun attempts to play their muse at every phase of life. These 5 actors are some of the popular face claims under 25 sited on Tumblr. I have made an attempt to match them with their older doppelganger.

1. Shailene Woodley and Jane Leeves

Both women are extremely beautiful and look like mother and daughter. Their chestnut hair frames their faces in the same manner and their eyes are the same almond shape. Jane Leeves would transform young Tris Prior well into the elegant older woman.

2. Dylan O'Brian and Tom Hiddleson

It is hard to imagine talking to these men and not falling head over heals. they both have a way of melting a woman's heart with their eyes alone. While Dylan's eyes are brown and Tom's eyes are blue, the shape of the eyes and their jaws suggest a hardening upon maturity while keeping a soft and loving soul. Perhaps Tom's eyes suggest a Beta werewolf in Stiles future.

3. Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts

It is easy to see why these beautiful women look so much alike. Julia Roberts is Emma's aunt and you cannot deny the family resemblance. The same heart warming brown eyes, american smile, and tamed curls. It is not hard to imagine this Scream Queen aging with beauty and grace.

4. Chris Colfer and Joaquin Phoenix

There are several articles floating around stating how much Chris Colfer looks like the late River Phoenix. It cannot be denied that they have the same eyes and the same beautiful stare. Joaquin Phoenix shares the same deep eyes as his older brother. Can you imagine Kurt Hummel or Tony Chase having the same soulful stare as they grow into distinguished older men? It is a look that states I have seen and lived change.

5. Freddie Highmore anf Benedict Cumberbatch

These men's blue eyes make people worldwide want to swoon. It is hard to believe that Freddie Highmore is not related to Benedict Cumberbatch. They have the eyes and distinctive chin. Roleplayers can imagine a older Charlie or play a young Sherlock Holmes.


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