ByFiore Mastracci, writer at

Rialto Pictures will restore Carol Reed's THE THIRD MAN in 4K. The film will be shown on June 26 in NY and July 3 in LA. It will have a nationwide release in a tiered platform later in the summer. It's the first restoration for the film.

The 4K format, unlike other media delivery systems, is struggling from the onset. There are retransmission difficulties with television and naturally, as a new format, the equipment is rather expensive. The 4K format, according to pundits, is superior to HD quality, though many consumers are just becoming comfortable with HD and are probably not ready to make a switch yet.

Based on the Graham Greene novel, THE THIRD MAN is the only movie to appear on both the American and British top 100 movies list. In the 4K format, it should look extraordinary. This one is definitely worth a look, and if it has slipped by you, seeing it in 4K could be memorable.


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