ByFiore Mastracci, writer at

Liam Neeson is making bank and apparently quite content to stay in the action movie genre despite his recent idiotic gun rights statements. While on tour promoting his latest flick RUN ALL NIGHT in which he plays a drug cartel assassin, Neeson provided anti-second amendment comments, going so far as to say no one should own a gun. These comments just added fodder to the trolls who want the Second Amendment deleted as a law of the land. The comments were hypocritical as Neeson revived his sagging acting career by switching to the action genre some years ago. He has advocated guns, violence and of course revenge in movies like RUN ALL NIGHT, NON-STOP and three episodes of TAKEN. And, Neeson shows no sign of leaving the format for his stated beliefs.

He'll star as a CIA agent who plays a very deadly cat-and-mouse game with a sinister terrorist to avoid a homeland attack, and exact a bit of revenge for a personal past incident. The movie is A WILLING PATRIOT, which, of course, is also Tom Brady's current theme song.


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