ByFiore Mastracci, writer at

Only on the fringes of sanity can this tome make sense. A young woman, who becomes an abject failure, losing her fiance, her job and her reason d'etre, returns home to sulk and brood and eventually get her life together.

While at home, a giant lizard emerges from the ocean and begins to destroy Tokyo. The woman, Gloria, soon discovers she is telepathically linked to the rampaging monster.

During the Heisei Godzilla era, a key character had a telepathic connection to Godzilla. This power was used when Godzilla fought Batra, Space Godzilla, King Ghidora and Destroyah. Gloria will use her mind connection to help prevent further destruction to the world. I can see the Toho lawyers preparing legal court documents already.

Anne Hathaway will star as Gloria. Since the second Godzilla movie is delayed due to the unresolved court case surrounding Gareth Edwards' 2014 release, this may be the closest 'Zilla fans get to the King of Monsters for a while. Nacho Vigalondo is writing and directing the project.


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