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Before we begin, I know that Peter Parker is going to be the Spider-Man in the MCU, and that he won't be played by Martin Freeman... but, how come Parker gets all the fun? Well, besides the fact that he's the original Spider-Man, but... that's not the point here. What is the point is this: Parker isn't the only Spider out there, and there are some that deserve a film (or a Netflix series) as much as the original wall-crawler. And here they are, starting with a fan favorite: Miles Morales!

Ultimate Spider-Man: Miles Morales

A man worthy of the title, and sporting a costume way cooler than Parker's (sorry, Peter), Miles would make an amazing movie. For a little background; Miles lives in a universe where Peter Parker died before he was bitten by the spider, so Miles received the power instead. There's a lot of interaction with the Spider-Man we all know, but, he could make an equally impressive film without any known variables. And, I'm not throwing him in this list just to be diverse. I want to see Morales on-screen because he's a great character, with just as interesting a story as Parker. And, if Marvel could somehow work him into the MCU (which would be more awesome than a standalone film), we might end up with a post-credits scene like this:


Spider-Man 2099: Miguel O'Hara

Sorry, not sorry, but this dude is incredible. Not only does he have one of the coolest suits, but he's a little bit darker than a lot of his counterparts, and he's a lot more willing to use aggressive persuasion. Miguel was a scientist in the year 2099 (obviously) who took the DNA of Parker and turned himself into Spider-Man. There's a lot of time travel involved, and all sorts of craziness, but... Parker wouldn't even have to be mentioned in this film. If anyone reading this is familiar with Batman Beyond, then they'll know about what 2099 feels like.

Spider-Man Noir: Peter Parker

I'm a sucker for the noir style. There's just something about the dark visuals and the almost diesel-punk technology. And here's where we find our final Spider-Man. The Noir universe, where everything Marvel is set in the mid-1930s. In this version, Uncle Ben is killed by the Vulture and Goblin (Norman Osborne of the 616 'verse). Parker is more than willing to kill his enemies, and is often seen sporting a revolver. And, he's got perhaps my favorite costume of the whole bunch, because what on earth is cooler than a trench coat and fedora?

Spider-Woman: Jessica Drew

Ha-HA! Thought we were all done. Well, I said that there were no more Spider-Men in this article, and, that was true. But, here we have wall-crawling super-spy Jessica Drew! She was given her powers via an experimental serum (as do 90% of the heroes nowadays...) that was used to save her life. She's got the humor of Peter Parker and the skills of Natasha Romanov. She would probably make the best Netflix series out of the whole group.

Bonus: Agent Venom (Flash Thompson)

I technically can't count Venom as a Spider-Man, but...who cares. Flash Thompson (Peter's old high school buddy/bully) lost both his legs in the army, but was given a chance to be whole again with Project Rebirth 2.0... and yes, that was basically another way to recreate Captain America. Thompson uses the Venom symbiote for good, as an anti-hero. He's similar to the Punisher in a sense, but with web-slinging thrown in. And, with the ending of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. being what it was, Agent Venom may be closer to gracing our screens than we thought.

In conclusion, there are a lot more Spider-Men out there that would make amazing movies or shows, but, these are some of the most loved, or coolest wall-crawlers in the Marvel universe, and if only we could have them on our screens!

I'd also like to thank many of my fellow creators for helping me determine which characters would make this list. Okay, I have a proposition to make. Let me know which Spider you'd like most to see in a movie, and I'll write an article fan-casting a film for it! Thanks for reading, and remember: With great power, you know the rest.


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