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In my last article, I talked about the possibility of there being a major plot hole in Episode 9 of The Flash, when the Reverse Flash was "caught" in the containment field but escaped and beat up several police officers. This is the follow-up to what I said in that article.

In the end of that episode, it was revealed that Harrison Wells himself was the Reverse Flash. What confused everyone was the fact that he was beat up by the Reverse Flash what exactly was going on?

You see, the whole plot hole doesn't come from what happened in episode 9, but in the way the show tried to explain it in future episodes

In Episode 15 (before Barry went back in time and changed the timeline, but that's a different story) Cisco was confronted by Wells himself after Cisco found out that Wells did indeed have something to do with the murder of Nora Allen. Wells was walking, so Cisco instantly knew that they were one and the same. Then Wells explains how he and the Reverse Flash could be in a different place at the same time. He says that he can create a speed mirage, or after image of himself. Now, Cisco had found out that the Reverse Flash inside the containment field was a hologram. This was how he knew that Wells was involved. So, does this mean that the (most likely) theory that in Episode 9 Wells was the "speed mirage" and not the Reverse Flash in the containment field is completely wrong, or that the writers of the show have a made a huge flub in explaining how the separation......or was Eobard Thawne just lying?

Why Would Anybody with a sane mind actually believe Eobard Thawne?

I mean, if you've been dead for centuries, does he even have to tell the truth to someone who's been dead so long?

But, the whole problem is that if it wasn't Eobard lying, then the people working on the show have made a huge error. People might try to explain it by saying "Time Travel!"......except for the fact that Wells can't time travel. I mean, it might turn out that he MAY be able to travel for a minimal distance through time, but that brings up whole other questions like "Why doesn't he just go a short distance each time until he reaches his time period?"

They may eventually reveal how this all works by the end of the season (sadly, that's NEXT WEEK).However, it is not THAT important. The show is still great, and come on: even Age of Ultron had plot holes, and that wasn't bad at all (though not as good as it should have been. More on that in the future)! We SHOULD focus on the good in things

And just out of the kindness of my heart, check out this clip from Episode 17 of the ORIGINAL Barry vs The Reverse Flash:

This all relates to the future of the show. Where is the original Barry Allen? My Theory for the original Barry is coming very soon......just in time for the finale.


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