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DC Comics and CW are coming up with all new ways to deal with the Arrow fans in Season 4. Since it's been a long way till DC introduced Arrow, they are focused towards highlighting every superhero and villians they have. I mean, look at The Flash, Caitilin and Cisco! Who knew The Vibe and Killer Frost will be introduced, that too in The Flash! Such is Gotham and the Upcoming Series called 'Hawkgirl' as well. Yea, Ciara Renee has been cast for the HAWKGIRL!

Now, the major thing is about Ra's Al Ghul introducing Damian Darhk in the Arrow. According to my theory (fan theory), Damian Darhk might be the son of Batman and Talia's Al Ghul who is widely known as Damian Wayne (Grand Child of Ra's). DC, opening a wide way through the films and television series is also coming with so much larger-scaled improvements such as Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman. We are very well aware of as well.

A long time history of Oliver Queen and the Magician Family of John Zatara and her Daughter ZATANNA will also be highlighted in the upcoming season. The Book of Zatara will also be in focus by such means. BTW, Zatara, according to DC is a relative of Leonardo Da Vinci.

For those who don't have an idea of Zatara and Zatana, according to DC,


Zatara, The Magician.
Zatara, The Magician.
Giovanni "John" Zatara was an illusionist and a descendant of the Homo Magi, who used his powers to fight crime and evil. He'd wield his magic through spells, whose powers were focused by speaking backwards.
His love of magic began early when he was given a magic kit by his uncle, who was himself a professional illusionist. Although he began learning the craft in childhood, his early attempts at performing professionally were unsuccessful until he realized that he needed to work on his showmanship.
To that end, he dug up old diaries of Leonardo da Vinci, who was a direct ancestor. While reading the diaries, which Leonardo wrote in backwards spelling as a security precaution, Zatara learned that his family had the command of magic. He discovered this inadvertently when he accidentally gave a command to a mannequin to begin waving an arm wildly. Zatara realized that he could command it to stop by giving the order in backwards spelling.


Zatana Zatara.
Zatana Zatara.
Zatanna Zatara was the daughter of famed magician Giovanni “John” Zatara. Zatanna was a successful stage illusionist before she discovered her true magical powers. She was once in a relationship with the powerful mage Nick Necros in New York City. John Constantine came to the city to study under Nick, who became obsessed with the search for the Books of Magic. As a result of his obsession, John and Zatanna were alienated from him, and fell in love with each other.

Zatanna and Zatara has wide connections with Nanda Parbat and A.R.G.U.S. as well, so who knows, this might come up pretty soon, the Amanda Waller's Way!

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