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So, in this article, I will produce a list of awesome Marvel/DC TV shows that need to happen!! Enjoy:)

kamala khan
kamala khan

Kamala Khan, also known as, Ms. Marvel, would be a great show for ABC to pick up, and it would give us some racial diversity; being that Kamala Khan is Muslim. This show, of course, would have to be set after Captain Marvel, aka, Carol Danvers, is introduced to the MCU. The show would be great for a teen audience, and could connect with Agents of Sheild since Kamala Khan is an Inhuman. Also, it might help with Marvel gender equality problems!

Avengers Academy!!

With the amount Inhumans that are going to populate MCU, Avengers Academy could be fun, now that Marvel has actual people with powers. This show could be a big hit, since it carries the Avengers name! I believe ABC could handle this:)

The Runaways

The Runaways are a bunch of kids who are the sons and daughters of super villains; this show could be a huge a hit, and it would be a lot of fun! This could also cross over with Avengers Academy. I don't know how the pet dinosaur will work in the show!!

The Joker

This show could be picked up by Fox; it would be darker, it would tell the life story of Joker, including his encounters with Batman. Joker is one of the best villains ever to to be on screen/comicbooks! His story is amazing and would be a lot of fun. It wouldn't be short on the jokes, HAHAH!

This is my list; thanks for reading:)

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