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Let's face it, Disney fans are the best. Whether they're trading Disney pins, running around Disney Parks, watching Disney movies, or planning their next Disneybound outfit, you can't help but love them.

Don't know if you're a true Disney fan? See if any of these relate to you!

1. You're constantly singing Disney songs

Whether you're in the shower, cleaning the house, on a walk, or blasting your Disney playlist on Pandora, you always carry a Disney tune with you wherever you go!

2. You always "Rafiki" your pets

You have mastered the art of "Rafikiing" your pet while singing "The Circle of Life." It's ok fellow Disney fan, we all do it. And you know your pet loves it too.

3. You have a collection of classic Disney VHS movies

The first thing you do when you bring a new guest into your home is introduce them to your pride and joy: your Disney VHS collection. Bonus points if you still have your VHS Disney Sing Along Songs.

My personal favorite:

I have the lyrics to Main Street U.S.A permanently imbedded in my brain. Sorry for the numerous rewinds Mom.
I have the lyrics to Main Street U.S.A permanently imbedded in my brain. Sorry for the numerous rewinds Mom.

4. You have your dream Disney Wedding planned


You've got a "Wedding Ideas" board on Pinterest and they're all Disney-themed. What better place to celebrate your happily-ever-after other than the place "where dreams come true". Check out this couple's magical Disney wedding photos here!

5. You apply Disney quotes into everyday conversations

You can't get through your day without quoting your favorite Disney movies. Some people won't pick up on it, but the ones that do will make your eyes open wide with excitement.

6. Your closet mainly consists of Disney merchandise

Frequent trips to Disney World/Disneyland consist of fun and shopping. Thanks to the Disney Store and Hot Topic, you've stocked up on Disney apparel. Now you can go back to the Disney parks looking "like a boss."

7. You're frequently planning your next Disney Vacation

You're always looking for dates and planning your next Disney adventure. And when you can't go, you live it through watching youtube videos of other people in the Disney parks. No shame.

If any of these applied to you, congratulations! You're a True Disney Fan!


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