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The Sinister Six film was set to be released in theaters across the nation on November 11th, 2016. Many, including myself, were very excited to see six of Spider-man's foes team-up against our friendly neighborhood superhero. The movie was originally going to be involved in 'The Amazing Spider-man' universe, before it met its demise by the discontinuation of the trilogy. However, what if The Sinister Six film got released as planned? This Moviepilot article gives my opinionated analysis of what would happen. Enjoy!

The Gentleman and Goblin

The Gentleman, otherwise known as Gustav Fier, can be seen in both The Amazing Spider-man and The Amazing Spider-man 2 essentially "rounding-up" the Sinister Six. I believe that he is sort of the ring leader, who is responsible of getting the group together, while the Green Goblin is the actual leader of the Sinister Six. Goblin would not be one of the six, but he would be the leader out of the six. So, the line of succession would go the Gentleman then the Goblin, and then the other members of the Sinister Six.

Members of the Six

Since the viewing audience was given clues at the end of The Amazing Spider-man 2, we can guess who will be involved with the Sinister Six. Here is a breakdown of the villains consisting of the Sinister Six:

1.) The Lizard: At the end of The Amazing Spider-man the Gentleman is seen talking with the Lizard, so the audience can't help but guess that he would be in the Sinister Six.

2.) The Rhino: In the post-credits scene of The Amazing Spider-man 2, lots of villains are shown, such as Rhino's horn (Last Picture Above).

3.) Doctor Octopus: One of Spidey's favorite villains would have been back, because his mechanical arms are shown in the post-credits scene (Bottom Row Middle Picture Above).

4.) The Vulture: The Vulture's wings were also revealed multiple times in the sequel. It was also hinted that Colm Feore would reprise his role from the sequel and turn into the vulture (Top Row First Picture Above).

5.) Kraven: The famous hunter's cat symbol was shown in the post-credit scene (Top Row Middle Picture Above).

6.) Mysterio: The Menace Mysterio would show his skills being a part of the post-credit scene too (Top Row Last Picture)

P.S. I think that the Electro would be gone for good after The Amazing Spider-man 2. I just think that the whole movie revolved around him, and we saw all that he can do, so we move on.

Together as One

Now to the plot part of the spin-off film. My thoughts would be that most of the movie would be the Gentleman and Goblin gathering the six members together. Then, the majority of the film would be them fighting each other, before they become an evil "team".

Finally, at the end and climax of the movie, we would see the Sinister Six fight Spider-man. Now, of course, I think that our friendly-neighborhood Spider-man would win. This battle would be one of the best battles in Spider-man's Cinematic Universe ever displayed.

Post Credit Scene

For the ideal post-credit scene, I think there should be the camera zooming into the Sinister Six abandoned hideout. Then on a large, covered pedestal, we see a tiny black gooey substance, which would be the symbiote, wiggling on the pedestal. Next, it shakes the pedestal so much that it falls over, breaks the glass covering and the symbiote is loose! It suddenly lunges into the camera lens, and the screen goes black.

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