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The Vampire Diaries End Game or Not: The Full Story

Written By R.A.W

For six years The Vampire Diaries fans have glued themselves passionately to their TV's each week to watch what has been described as one of the best Vampire TV shows to come along since the days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and HBO's True Blood. The Vampire Diaries and its universe are based off a series of novels created by the talented L.J. Smith. The TV Show has maintained a steady loyal audience and fan base over the past six years and has done well in the ratings. Many of us have grown with, and loved these characters. During these past six years we’ve also lost and mourned some of our favorite characters. Now in its Sixth Season which is winding down and in just two days to the Seasons grand finale that is sure to leave us in tears as we are again losing more of our beloved Characters. It has been said that the Season 6 finale will be a bittersweet one, and indeed it will be.


As we close out this Season we are saying goodbye to several characters, Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert) Marguerite MacIntyre (Sheriff Liz Forbes) Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood) and the biggest blow ever came when the Shows Star Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) announced she too would be leaving at the end of the Season. As like myself many fans have been very upset with Nina's exit from the show given the fact that the show was renewed earlier this year

And will continue on into a 7th Season. The show moving forward without its main Character is certainly a hard thing to grasp!

The Vampire Diaries: A NEW CHAPTER:

What does the future hold for a show that is based so heavily and centered on the Character of Elena Gilbert, and her relationship with the two Salvatore brothers? I say It’s either going to work or it will surly die a slow merciless death. When you really think about it, with the main character to which the show centered around won't be there it almost seems pointless to continue Right? While the writers may come up with interesting story lines for the remaining Characters and bring in new Characters, what does the future hold to carry the show forward while it will be missing the core element that made it successful? More importantly the Character of Elena Gilbert is still very much a part of the stories in the books to which the story ends with its main Character.

I grant you that the TV show differs from the Books having its own formula to follow, while still maintaining many of the plots and elements from the books. However, you can’t escape the fact that the continuation of the show will no longer be the same Vampire Diaries that we started with and will become more or less a new version, a next generation in a manner of speaking, and that it may still include some elements and plots from the books but in a completely different form and a new direction. This new version will have an entirely new ending that was really never meant to be, either from L.J Smith herself or from the Executive Producers of the show. Having to create a new ending that will be far from the intended one and completely different from the books must make the writers, producers, and especially the fans bit worried how this is to be achieved.

However, that’s only a part of some of the problems they are now presented with. How will this new chapter deal with Stephen and Damon as they step up more to the center stage? It’s unimaginable to think that these two would ever fall completely in love with anyone else other then Elena Gilbert, they could have Damon get with Bonnie or Stephen with Caroline or with a completely different girl but in the end that is something that was never meant to be and so it changes everything to a point that fans may not accept. As for myself I am certainly opened to give a new version and chapter of TVD a chance as it continues. However, I also have to be realistic about it, with Nina (Elena’s departure) it will leave little reason for much of our remaining Mystic Falls group to hang out together. There really isn’t a reason for any of them to really exist as a unit without Elena at the center- I mean, she wrote the titular diaries, as with the same for Stephen on that perspective, I mean that’s what all of the books are based on, the diaries of Elena Gilbert is all about. So I think we all need to be prepared to accept that TVD will end next year at the end of its 7th season, but if by some Miracle It works out for it to continue, that’s great!


What brought us to this moment came from within the CW Network and it started six years ago when they only signed the actors to a six year contract. I can only guess that the original intent was to go only Six Seasons. The CW should have anticipated to at least signing the actors to a Seven year contract in the event that the show would be successful enough to go Seven years as most shows last for at least that long. That was the Networks first mistake, had they signed the actors to Seven years we would not been losing all these Characters including our main Character Elena Gilbert. Besides that you have several others, according to Executive Producer Julie Plec she has stated that 80 percent of the actors had a six year agreement to be with the show.

So when they were entering the sixth season they knew that over the course of the first half of the season that everybody would be making their final decisions about whether they wanted to stay or go. That in itself does not seem very businesslike for such an industry. They waited way too long for them to make those decisions and even longer for Nina Dobrev. The Network should have approached the actors at the very beginning of returning to work on the Sixth Season and give them all only a two week notice to either renew or to go, at the end. Had the Network done that they would have known early on who was leaving. But The Network was holding on to the hope that everyone would sign. Their next mistake was to renew the show early on for a 7th Season before everyone was even on board including its main Character star who I believe was already problematic. However, I believe they already knew that Nina Dobrev was probably not going to continue long before they even started filming Season Six, as stated by some of the cast they knew as early as August if not even sooner that Nina was not going to stay beyond the length of a contract of Six Years. The Network really should have just made Six the last Season while they still had all the cast intact. But I suppose the Network wanted one final season to line their pockets.


Nina’s decision to leave after only Six years certainly has had fans quite upset and they even went as far as writing to the Network to end the show now while the show was still on a high note But the Network chose to ignore that and continue anyway. However though, let’s examine Nina’s departure a little more closely and how it was handled through Nina herself. Going back as far as last year and even perhaps a couple of years, I think Nina had already made up her mind that she was going to leave even hinting that through interviews that day would come that she was always planning to leave at the end of her six year contract regardless. However, you have to ask the question why did Nina wait so long in making the announcement or her decision for that matter that she was leaving? We only just learned about this in the past five weeks, not really much of a heads up for fans to really prepare for her departure.


Her only announcement comes in the form of a instagram which by the way was posted by a crew member and it was quickly taken down, but the secret was all ready out now and the internet was buzzing and her instagram now back up for all to see. She’s the star of her own TV show, so why would she not chose to go through the regular media outlets and make a more proper announcement with some kind of interview? The next thing to consider is the very lack of her to communicate to the fan base other than that instagram, notice how silent she has been since her departure; thus far she has not come forward to give any kind of interview. The fans that have supported her over the years deserved better then what they got. However, Nina did give a full exclusive interview with Self magazine for its June issue, but who the hell wants to wait until June to find out what she has to say, I mean come on after deserting her own show, loyal fans have the right to know what’s on her mind now rather than read speculations through others Right?


The one main topic coming from fans on many of the forums I have been to are all wondering and are concerned with whether Nina is completely done with the show and the character and if she is even willing to return to the show for its final Series Finale. I personally feel she needs to return for the finale, she owes us that much to give this show the proper goodbye it deserves with her character right there. That is what TVD is all about, that’s what L.J. Smith wrote. Without its main character what will be so good about an ending without the lead character that is supposed to be there?


This whole thing is brought about through this Six year contract agreement, while I already established that was a mistake on the Networks part, now let me offer my opinions on the contract matter and Nina’s personal perception on completing a contract versus loyalty after a Contract has ended. To be fair, Nina has completed her contract obligations and her contractual commitments to the show for the full term of her contract and had every right to leave and move on, but was her decision the right move with one more season left and so early in her career? As once an actor myself and no I was never a household name nor did my acting ever go that far beyond bit parts and extra work but I did learn that as an entertainer you can’t always just be a stickler to just a length of a contract there are other factors and elements involved especially if you are the main star of a hit TV show that is continuing and still doing very well, not to mention that has a large fan base of its main character. Certainly there is nothing wrong with any actor wanting to move on and spreading their wings to do other things, after all that’s what being an entertainer is all about playing different characters and expanding your talents to greater heights. However, sometimes as an entertainer you have to be opened to going that extra mile, to give back what has be given to you, and that’s a name.

Nina has done quite a few things prior to TVD, though none of which has done very well and then there was this crappy werewolf TV movie she did that took practically every plot from Fright Night. The biggest thing she was slightly known for was Degrassi: The Next Generation, and that certainly did not make her career or even a household name. Prior to TVD virtually no one really knew who Nina Dobrev was. TVD is what really put her on the map and gave her the name and fame. I think what upsets me the most as a fan of the show and even an actor is the fact that Nina spent so long and waited to the last minute to make her final decision to leave, it appears as though for the longest time while the Network and the Producers were waiting for an answer Nina perhaps lead everybody on with a false hope that she would stay and then at the last minute she decides to drop this bomb shell on everyone. To make the situation even worse Julie Plec and many of her cast mats begged her to stay for one more Season as the 7th was more than likely going to be the last. This is an excerpt of what Executive Producer Julie Plec had to say in a recent interview.

Julie Plec revealed that she did everything she could to try and get her to stay! We spent a little bit of time trying to talk her out of it,” Julie said. “[We’d say,] ‘Oh, look at all these great plans of how you can stay!’ And she (Nina) finally was like, ‘No, I signed up for six years. I’ve done my six years. I’m ready to move on and spread my wings.'” So no drama.

Nina just dangled that six year contract right in front of them, WOW! That sounds a bit cocky to me and to be ungrateful to the people who gave her the privilege to head and star in her own show. In my personal opinion that was very unprofessional on Nina’s part and in this business actors can’t afford to get to cocky especially when you are just starting out with not much credit to your name. There have been actors who at one time or another have taken the cocky road with the little fame they got from their TV shows only to find out later that it was not the best choice to make and they have since regretted it, both personally and professionally. Nina is supposedly inspired by inspirational philosophy and there is one quote that comes to mind from a motivational speaker Tony Robbins

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

I suppose Nina had forgotten that, so what did Nina give back to the show, to the Network, cast mates or her fans? She stuck to the letter of that contract like flies on sticky paper. So much for going the extra mile on giving back and excelling to become more in making the people who are her fans feel like they are all worth it. It certainly would not have broken Nina nor hurt her career to do one more season and then be completely done with it. She could have even at least negotiate a partial contract and do only the second half of Season 7 that way she could take an extended rest period or work on another project, her whole thought process was the fact that she felt her characters journey was just only a six year one, since when was that ever written in stone especially for a show that’s so popular, I suppose it was written in stone only in Nina’s mind.

I see Nina as quitting something big just right when the real important ending was near and then leaving everyone involved on the show hanging to a thread and taking away from her fans the proper ending it needs away from them who have faithfully watch the show for Six now going on Seven years. It’s just like Smallville where the fans of Ten years waiting for the grand ending only to be disappointed with a blurry CGI Superman that looked like a cheap Sunday cartoon and Tom Welling only wearing half a costume.

The Vampire Diaries Fans gets the half ending instead of the full one. Even if her cast mates respect her decision to leave I am sure deep down inside they also feel a bit betrayed and making their next Season harder to please an audience. This was a rotten decision to the core on her part and unprofessional not to finish something, she acts as if she’s been playing this character for years and years, take a look at the actors of supernatural, they are having a blast and still going strong after Ten years. I think Nina is very talented, but I don’t see her as a movie star or talented enough to carry a major motion picture as its lead. It take a certain kind of talent and many TV actors who have tried and failed only to find themselves back on the small screen now in a smaller capacity. I think it is really sad that Nina (any actor) who feels that all they will ever give to a Series they are in is just the length of a contract and never anything more, jumping from show after show in just only a few short years. Just take a look at Teen Wolf actress Crystal Reed, she quit just after only 3 years thinking she was going to be this big star and she has not been seen since, It’s amazing how actors make the stupidest choices that end up going nowhere.

I can only hope for the sake of Nina fans she will return to the show for the Finale episode and do the whole episode, no cameos, it’s just not worth it, cameos does nothing, at least it does nothing for me. It would even be a kind gesture on her part if she even did the last few episodes. But time will tell as it will also with her future choices when accepting a long running show on whether she can go beyond the call of her contract. I would hate to think that in only six years she got so tired of the character that it was not fun anymore for her, acting is not just a job of sticking to contracts it’s also being a team player as with any job, as example you work in a Restaurant as a dishwasher, you’ve done your 8hrs, but the other guys calls out sick, and your manager asks if you would please stay for just a few more hours, but you say NO I did my 8 hours I am leaving. While the manger and your co-works may respect that choice they also may not think to highly of you because you are not willing to give something extra back. However, I do wish Nina the very best even if I can’t agree with her choice to leave the way she did.

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