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I am a police officer in Illinois. When I first started 20 years ago we didn't get payed a lot, and a opportunity arose for me to take a second job working maintenance at a retirement village. One of my responsibilities was snow removal during the winter months.

It was mid January, I was working day shift. it had snowed the night before so I work up at about 300am to do some plowing be for I went into work. I was shoveling a sidewalk near a residents apartment when I heard a tapping on the window. I saw a older lady I recognized waving for me to come to her door. I did, and we spoke for a couple minutes about the snow and the weather and how she had been sick. She handed me the keys to her car and asked me to plow out her parking space. This is something we did, so I moved her car and cleaned out her spot. I then went back to her apartment to return her keys. I knocked on her door but she didn't answer, so I figured she fell back asleep.

I took her keys and put them in our office and left a note for the manager to return the keys to the resident if she came in looking for them. I then went to work for the day.

When I returned from work I went to the office to see if the resident had picked up her keys. The manager said she had not picked them up and asked me how I had gotten them. I told him the resident gave them to me so I could move her car. He told me that it could not have been her herself that gave me the keys. We went back and forth for several minutes about how it wasn't her...yes it it wasn't ect. He finally told me it couldn't have been her because the resident had died 3 days ago!!!


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